Have an infrastructure that supports high flows

Connect your sites or build your regional network with a reliable infrastructure


Axione offers a WDM link service tailored to your needs, whether you want to lease the service or buy the infrastructure. We know how to set up  speeds varying from 1 Gbits to several hundred Gbits, delivered on Ethernet, Fiber Channel, OTU-2 or OTU-4 interfaces.

Local interconnection of two sites on a dedicated infrastructure

The Black Fibre Optic infrastructure and the WDM equipment are dedicated to you, which allows us to secure the service we offer you, going through two completely separate paths.

Interconnection of remote sites by wavelength

We set up a long-distance point-to-point link for you using our own national backbone network, and connect your customer sites at both ends.

Dedicated regional WDM network

We have the ability to create a set of WDM links in the local area you are interested in, using existing Black Optical Fibre and rolling it out specifically for your project.

The benefits

Very low and stable transit times

suitale for transporting high flows

Synchronous interconnection of your data

OUR rEfErences

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