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Axione is the key player for designing and deploying telecommunication infrastructures in France and abroad, for use in new digital practices.

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History and vision

Founded in 2003, based on the drive to digitally develop local areas started by the French law on confidence in the digital economy, Axione has created its business project on its ability to design, build and operate infrastructures for the purpose of democratizing digital technology access and use.

As a pioneer and the current leader in the development of Public Initiative Networks, Axione is continually innovating for the inhabitants and businesses of local areas, as well as for operators and equipment suppliers:

  • providing increasingly high-performance technology (1 st FTTH network with 50,000 connections deployed in Pau-Pyrénées in 2004, 1st WiMax network deployed in 2007 in 802.16 e etc.),
  • continually strengthening its chain of skills via complementary businesses, providing a global vision and control of digital issues.

Alongside Bouygues Energies & Services and Vauban Infrastructure Partners, and backed by innovative partners, Axione is continuing its expansion by offering businesses and local authorities technological solutions to provide them with long-term support for the emergence of new digital practices.

Axione abroad

Boosted by its experience in the rollout of digital technology in local areas, Axione has been deploying its expertise internationally for a number of years. Axione is present in Gabon and UK performing public service digital infrastructure projects, from the design phase through to operation.

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