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As a key player in connectivity, Axione is committed to the development of local areas and business transformation. With its connectivity infrastructures and associated services, Axione can support you in the new uses of digital technology.

Alongside Bouygues and Vauban Infrastructure Partners (BPCE Group) and with the support of innovative collaborators, Axione provides companies and local authorities advice and technological solutions to support the emergence of new digital uses over the long term.

Key figures for 2022

million sites, offices and homes connected
radio sites built
1 357
radio sites redeveloped
partner operators

Drawing on feedback from its customers, partners and employees, Axione is responding to the social and economic challenges posed by the new applications of digital technology. Axione brings people together. Today it is using its technological expertise to help create a fairer society.

Axione outside France

Axione has been deploying its expertise internationally for a number of years, building on its experience in local digital development. Axione is active in Gabon and the UK, providing public service digital infrastructure, from design to operation.

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Our activities

Axione designs, deploys and operates the connectivity infrastructures that will enable the new digital applications of today and tomorrow. Our business is structured around 3 main areas of expertise: fixed networks, mobile networks and the integration of connectivity services.


Axione has a long history of helping local authorities implement their digital development policies and offers a comprehensive range of telecoms services to connect users via a local or extended network.


Mobile networks refer to the entire network of relay antennas capable of picking up and transmitting a signal for making phone calls or using the Internet.


Axione supports companies and local authorities as they integrate new digital services: building interconnections, IoT, cloud systems, video protection, private company networks, etc.