Active listening, exemplary behaviour and a team spirit are the values encouraged by the company. These are three human values that are meaningful and show commitment. They form the backbone of our Human Resources policy (including annual appraisals) and guide employees on a daily basis not only in their relationships with their colleagues, but also with the full range of stakeholders, including customers, partners and suppliers.

This is the first year that businesses have been encouraged to measure their performance in terms of workplace equality and publish the results of their “Gender equality index” on their website.
This index comprises five indicators, covering:

  • the gender pay gap;
  • gender pay increase ratios;
  • gender promotion ratios;
  • the percentage of women granted a pay increase following maternity leave;
  • the number of men and women among the 10 highest-paid members of the company

For 2020, our company achieved a score of:

Gender equality index for AXIONE

Although this score is higher than the minimum set by the government (75 points), we are determined to improve it, notably through actions focusing on diversity in certain subsidiaries and women’s access to positions of the highest responsibility (and therefore remuneration) in our companies. Indeed, we have always been convinced that diversity is a powerful lever for performance and attractiveness. It is our responsibility to continue to promote careers in construction for women, especially in schools, and to help female employees flourish within the Group, enabling them to manage ambitious career paths.

By the end of 2020, all Bouygues Construction’s workforce scope in France had a score of at least 75 points. The Index, calculated out of 100 points, is based on 5 indicators including, in particular, the gender pay gap, the gap in the distribution of individual increases, or the gap in the distribution of promotions. Beyond the numbers and its obligations, the Group pursues a proactive gender diversity policy to meet its ambition of:

Being an inclusive and socially-responsible employer.

Committed at all levels of the HR process and working alongside schools, Bouygues Construction seeks to facilitate the inclusion, career development and performance of women in the Group, regardless of their entity or business.

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