Transform our markets

We are profoundly transforming our markets. We want all our stakeholders to embrace these values we believe to be fair and make the digital, ecological and energy transitions a collective success for our customers and for us.

Our impact on the markets will help us raise the profile of our business, environmental and social actions.

We want to have an even more positive impact and influence as a key player in our market and help transform it.”

Eric Jammaron,
CEO of Axione 

Our ambition: drive the entire industry forward

At Axione, we share this vision of technology at the service of society and are innovating to improve our everyday processes.

What we are doing:

Investment in InfraNum
Axione is managing the InfraNum project on the Environment and Digital Technology. Our ambition, and that of our peers, is to advocate and act in favour of useful digital technology with applications that have a positive impact.

An ongoing commitment to a high-quality fibre network
Given that too many connections are poor quality, we have created a “fibre passport” to guarantee the quality of FTTH connections throughout France.

Innovations to boost the telecoms sector
We are testing the installation of heat-proof paint on the roofs of 4 of our facilities in France. This reflective white paint helps reduce the heat inside buildings, taking the strain off air conditioning systems in very hot weather.