The model proposed by Axione is based on fully open delegated networks, technical solutions that perfectly match operator requirements and fast-responding operation teams.

These networks enable operators to transparently market their full range of offers to businesses and the general public.

The Axione value proposition for telecom operators:

  • exclusive positioning on the delegated public service,
  • effective geographical cover,
  • guaranteed high-level service for customers
  • technical solutions focused on opening networks for easy integration,
  • customized support for your sales force provided by our local teams

Our fixed line offers

Our fixed line offers enable you to market your offers to end customers in optimal conditions.

Mainstream offerings

Access lines

  • ADSL line
  • WIMAX / LTE line
  • FTTH line

Business offers


  • IxEN (Ethernet Interconnection)


  • FON (Black Fiber Optic)

Access lines

  • XDSL line
  • FTTH line
  • Company Fibre Line
  • FTTE line

Infrastructures offers

Our Infrastructure solutions have been designed to connect your sites using our infrastructures and/or host your equipment in our telecommunication facilities.

Point-to-point connection

  • Access to Underground and Overhead Civil Engineering
  • FON (Black Fiber Optic)


  • Head-end hosting offer


  • Transit IP