In May 2022 our teams installed a fibre optic network connecting a former 20 th century hotel converted into 200 flats in the Pyrénées Orientales. This project started as part of a works contract that Axione has held since 2018.

Appartments connected to fibre
FTTH sockets installed

The challenge

This former Font Romeu hotel, built in the early 20th century in an uncommon architectural style, hosted tourists and public figures in its day. It was converted into a student halls of residence in the 1970s. Despite being over a century old, the region is still proud of this magnificent building. Indeed, its facade, roof and staircase have been listed as a historical monument for almost 35 years. The challenge for Axione’s construction team in Prades was to connect the building while preserving its architectural character.

The work was carried out in record time, with nine Axione staff installing the network and the 200 FTTH
sockets required for it to run smoothly in just three days.

The layout of the building meant that the fibre had to be installed vertically, i e the optical fibre had to be run into the building and a box had to be fitted every 2 or 3 floors to provide a link between the distribution point and the many flats.

The work had to be carried out to a deadline at a quiet time of the year to avoid disrupting the tourist trade.
Our technicians therefore installed the optical fibre in just 3 days, so that it could be
switched on ahead of the busy tourist season.

Romain BUSCAIL , FTTH Works Manager Axione

We are delighted to have been able to complete this project. Our teams showed their
professionalism by working on such a unique architectural building.

Antoine PICHOURON Head of Production

Axione’s solution

We delivered the project to our client in 3 phases :

Conducting a feasibility study

• Checking and defining the indoor routing with the various risers, jointly agreeing the future
location of the subscriber boxes with the landlord.

External supply
•Installation of a cable with 288 optical fibres on aerial supports with a significant overhang to supply the hotel

Installation of passive equipment
•The installed boxes will give residents access to high speed broadband with optimal quality

Axione’s +

• Deploying significant resources to limit the business impact
• Carrying out work without reserves in a restricted environment
• Timely delivery of the project and the required quality


A residence 100% connected

• A customised solution adapted to the constraints of a listed building.
• A construction site that requires technical precision due to its unique character and the need to preserve the architecture.

User benefits

• Access to a high-performance network allowing holidaymakers to enjoy connection services in their main or secondary residence.