Cordon group


Since December 2021 Axione has been working to connect the two Cordon
Group sites in Dinan This digital infrastructure has improved data exchange
between the company’s two buildings.


The challenge :

Axione has risen to the challenge, supporting the Cordon Group, which wants to modernise its IT infrastructure, by providing a direct link between the two buildings which are located in Dinan, but over a kilometre apart The goal was to optimise data exchanges using collaborative tools, to maximise productivity of production tools and to secure network access even in the event of technical incidents

Axione adapted to the constraints and was quick to respond during the work Whether advising on the type of equipment to be installed or dealing with blocked ducts, our teams worked with Cordon to complete the project within a 4 month timeframe Also, a back up link of 4 5 km is being deployed to guarantee a secure connection in the event of technical issues.

The advice and overall support provided by Axione was a genuine source of added value
for this project Right from the first visit, we were clearly convinced by the advice and the
transparency of Axione’s experts They were immediately able to advise us on technical matters.

Vincent Deniau, Systems and Networks Project Manager at Cordon Group

Axione’s solution

We provided our client with the following service:


• Routing 100 of the ducts
• Use of alternative routes (HS network)
• Checking network load compliance
• Photographic surveys of the existing network to obtain permission from Orange


• Construction of the first underground link
• Currently installing the second link with civil engineering


• Deployment of 1 5 km of Blac k Fibre Optic (BFO)
• Installation of the 2 nd connection of 4 5 km

Axione’S +

• Providing a customised solution in a building under renovation
• Advice on the most technical issues
• Timely delivery of the project
• Build a customised fibre infrastructure to meet the customer’s requirements

customer benefits

A network that is effective and secure

• A dedicated private network to fulfil the client’s interconnection needs and facilitate communication between staff at both sites.

User bénéfits

• The ability to exchange data quickly and securely.
• Access to a high-performance, low-latency network for 850 staff.