Following a fire that ravaged 25 hectares of vegetation and damaged radio infrastructure in Mazaugues (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur), Bouygues Télécom called on Axione’s teams in Aix en Provence to restore the network.

ML of cable replaced
Residents benefiting from the network

The challenge

After noting the technical damage caused by the fire, Bouygues Télécom asked Axione to restore service at the site. Thanks to photos taken and a technical visit, our four Axione staff were able to get an idea of the damage caused and the repairs required. Several cables damaged by the fire as well as the radio relay system had to
be changed to restore the network. Two technicians specialising in radio relay systems therefore had to intervene.

The radio beam link could only be re established after changing the entire feeder line and the transmission equipment emergency replacement of the ODU (Outdoor unit) and the IDU (Indoor unit) by Bouygues Télécom. The replacement of the existing burnt radio cables required the intervention of two other technicians. The site was back up and running within a few days, providing 2 G, 3 G and 4 G.

The rapid response and quality of the repairs carried out by our teams deserve to be highlighted in view of the emergency context Many Mazauguais residents came to see our teams to express their satisfaction with how the blackout was handled.

Eric Straga, Head of Lessor Works & Special Projects at Axione.

Axione’s solution

We provided our client with the following service :


• Analysis of damage with photos
• Visit to see the required repairs


• Restoring the radio link
• Replacement of the entire feeder line
• Change of transmission equipment ODU and IDU

Axione’s +

• Swift emergency response
• Completion of the project to a deadline
• Assisting operators
• Getting a high-performance network back into use

Customer benefits

A network that is high performance

A high-performance 2G, 3G and 4G network to cover an area with poor connectivity (white zone).

User benefits

Access to a mobile network for 900 rural inhabitants who subscribe to Bouygues Télécom and another major operator.