Private operators have chosen to develop fibre optic only in densely populated areas. In order to offer the same quality of service to all inhabitants of rural areas and to avoid creating a digital divide between territories, local authorities supported by various funders (through the Plan France Très Haut Débit) are engaged in deployment programmes.

The FIBRE optic

This transparent glass thread, thinner than a hair, is capable of transporting a very large amount of data at the speed of light. More efficient, the fibre will gradually replace the ADSL, which relies on the telephone copper network. No more slow connections, no more bugs, no more frozen images!


Download 200 photos in 8 s (500mbit/s) instead of 4 min with adsl (15 mbit/s).

Data rates of 100 mbit/s, 200 mbit/s or even more than 1 gbit/s depending on the subscriptions against less than 30 mbit/s for the ADSL).

All together!

Telework with peace of mind, even when the rest of the family is tweeting, using Skype or chatting!

More stable

Play online with almost instantaneous response times!

Optimal flow for receiving or sending data, no matter how far away your home is from the Optical Connection Node.

At the cutting edge

Enjoy exceptional sound and image quality on your TV, during your videoconferences and control your intelligent equipment remotely!

Access to the latest technologies and connected objects, which always require more data throughput.

Solidarity, quality of life and attractiveness !

In addition to more efficient TV-Internet-Telephony offers, fibre opens up many other possibilities. For companies, this access to very high speed broadband is now essential for everyday life! It is also the basis for numerous innovations: telemedicine, electronic administrative procedures, interactive tutoring, distance learning, virtual tours, etc.

Local authorities mobilised


Avoid the digital divide by bringing very high speed broadband even in rural areas.


To improve the competitiveness and performance of the territory and its companies.


Improve your daily life thanks to Very High Speed Broadband (teleworking, downloads…).


Enable the development of new services (health, education, home automation, smart territory…).

Are you waiting for the OPTIC fibre?

Sometimes eagerly! Fibre optic is often eagerly awaited! But before being able to subscribe to a fibre optic offer from an operator, several steps will have to be completed.

We tell you everything


Location of the apartments and control of all addresses.

Inspection of existing networks capable of supporting fibre (telephone and electrical).

Modeling of the future fiber network.


Installation of technical rooms and street cabinets.

Fibre deployment (in existing aerial and underground networks, or construction of new trenches).


Marketing of the network to Internet Service Providers.

Activation of the services.


The final connection of the dwelling is made when a fibre subscription is taken out. The best way to bring the Fibre to your home is studied and an optical socket to connect your Box is installed.