Help our local area

For us, acting locally means asserting our historic roots in these areas, energising the community to which we belong and helping it to grow.

“By making our business local, we want to give our five regions the resources they need to develop, to support the digital transition of the area and its stakeholders, for individuals, institutions and private companies alike.”

Eric Jammaron,
CEO of Axione

Our ambitions:

Be a local player

Axione has a local presence, working with public and private businesses and is a fervent supporter of co-construction. Making our business local means we can adapt our offer to each region, being as close as possible to local issues.

Create local jobs

We help to develop local employment and promote job seeker integration in each region.

Promote diversity

Today, women represent 26% of Axione’s workforce, of managers and 35% of the executive team. Gender diversity is one of our company’s core values.

Encourage local initiatives

Our employees know the areas where they live and work. Taking actions every day with a positive social and environmental impact, we are freeing up our energies to develop our local areas in a relevant and independent way.

What we are doing:

The Mégalis project in Brittany

We are designing and building part of the very high-speed network and have already provided 298,000 hours of work experience since the project began. Our contractual target is 550,000 hours over the seven years of the project.

Our teams are supporting the creation of an urban micro-forest

Axione Ouest supports the Mini Big Forest charity. 30 employees took part in the collective planting of a micro-forest of 1,350 trees at the Maison d’Accueil Spécialisée in Couëron (44).