Support progress

We know that economic growth and social progress go hand in hand. This is why we need to imagine the future of essential services. Social cohesion, work, health, education, safety and culture. This is the progress we believe in.

Today, our customers want to take advantage of the current infrastructure to develop new uses in the interests of their local communities. This represents the advent of 3rd generation public initiative networks and the development of connected local programmes. Axione goes beyond its performance commitments for the design, construction and operation of public telecoms infrastructure and has embraced an active approach to support local authorities over the medium and long term, encouraging the development of new uses and digital services.

Because of a lack of financial resources or people with the required skills, rural areas and small towns cannot provide the same tools, even though the needs are often the same. The aim of pooling services between local authorities is to create, organise and operate a network dedicated to and shared by all local authorities and public players in the area.

Gilles Kabbani,
Director of Strategy at Axione

OUR ambitions:

At the same time, we support private companies in logistics, transport and energy with the construction and operation of private radio networks. These networks provide complete, reliable coverage of an industrial site, as well as a high level of service quality to meet the challenges of operation, safety and security.

Support local areas as they pool services between local authorities with the aim of creating, organising and operating a network dedicated to and shared by all local authorities and public players in the area.

Provide local areas with a complete, autonomous network that would independently produce digital services for local authorities including the entire technical chain: transport infrastructure, service platforms, data centre, supervision and control centre. The idea is to have total public control of the network, guaranteeing its resilience and availability, and also ensuring full sovereignty over the storage, security and control of the data generated.

What we are doing:

Sarthe Numérique and Sartel are creating a third-generation public-initiative network to serve everyone, which is essential if the people of Sarthe are to live in a connected and sustainable region.

Creation of a data centre to protect data and make the most of it without restriction. It will be made available to local authorities, the education sector, health professionals and businesses.