As part of the New Deal project, initiated by the French government in 2018 which aims to cover all white areas in France by 2030 Axione was mobilised by Bouygues Telecom to pilot the installation of a radio tower in the Pyrénées Atlantiques in order to meet the territory’s connectivity needs

Connected residents
metres is the height of the radio mast

The challenge

Located in the Pyrénées Atlantiques Sainte Engrâce is a village of nearly 200 inhabitants whose specificity is its speleological activity which attracts many tourists each year This isolated village has no mobile network The installation of a radio tower will make the area more attractive by providing 2 G, 3 G and 4 G coverage to meet the urgent needs of residents and tourists.

Axione in charge of the project management, managed the heli lift operation to transport the pylon to an area inaccessible to conventional vehicles.
Two employees from Axione’s Saint Jean branch, including project manager Mehdi HIMER, orchestrated the operation, coordinating civil engineering, helicopter piloting, manufacturing and delivery of the pylon, as well as the installation of radio equipment.

This helicopter operation, carried out for Bouygues Telecom, is a first in my professional career and
makes me proud to be part of Axione Contributing to the ambitious New Deal project is an
important mission I would like to thank the negotiator, Mr Hugues Brunaud the mayor of Sainte
Engrâce the designer and all the subcontractors and partners who worked to ensure the success
of this operation.

Mehdi HIMER, Axione project Manager

The Axione service

We provided our client with a 3 phase operation

Civil Engineering

• Casting of a 26 m 3 reinforced concrete slab requiring 56 helicopter rotations between the
drop zone and the site.

Pylon installation

• Installation of a radio mast in the village of Sainte Engrâce weighing more than 2 tonnes
and measuring 15 metres divided into 2 metal sections.

Installation of antennas and radio modules

•This equipment will allow the transmission, reception and processing of radio waves

Axione’S +

• Being a neutral actor
• Providing a turnkey solution in white areas
• To deliver a site in accordance with the deadlines and the required quality
• Enable overall coordination between the different actors in the project


A village 100% connected

• A tailor-made solution that adapts to the constraints of an isolated village with no mobile network and inaccessible to conventional

User benefits

• Access to 2G, 3G and 4G networks throughout the village of Sainte-Engrâce and its surroundings.

• A solution that gives the 200 inhabitants and tourists of Sainte-
Engrâce access to several digital uses (teleworking, streaming access, video games).