In 2013, Axione took care of the implementation of a Very High Speed regional network on behalf of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Regional Council. This comprehensive service also included the operation and maintenance of the network that was to interconnect 1500 educational institutions throughout the region. Access to the Very High Speed network improves the day to day lives of teaching staff and is an aid to learning for school students. 

Since 2013, Axione has ensured the provision, implementation integration and the administration of the Amplivia regional Very High Speed network for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Council. The service provided has made it possible to interconnect 1500 educational institutions (including universities, high schools, lower schools and primary schools) throughout the entire region, and it has been extended to the Auvergne in the last few years. Access to the Very High Speed Network has meant that the teaching staff and students are able to enjoy optimal connections, in order to develop innovatory digital projects (for instance: classes taught via video-conferencing, learning using digital media etc.)

The Axione teams also manage network operation and maintenance, ensuring a continuous, uninterrupted Very High Speed connection.

“Digital infrastructures support educational establishments in the development of new digital uses. With this in mind, Axione teams have set up a high-capacity regional backbone network for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Council to enable the 1,500 establishments in the region (universities, high schools, colleges, primary schools) to benefit from an optimal connection. The performance of the digital technologies deployed favours the use of teaching aids and tools to facilitate learning for students and schoolchildren and the daily life of teachers.”
Eric TOURNOIS, Axione’s Sales Manager for Managed Services Direction.

Axione’s services

Supply and installation of a WDM activation solution for the black fibre installation

  • Design of the Amplivia network based on DWDM technology, making it possible to scale up the system’s speed for large capacities of up to 100Gbit/s
  • Installation and implementation of equipment owned by the region

Operation of the WDM infrastructure

  • Project management: operational project monitoring, analysis of technical matters, contract management, monitoring of scheduling and key project indicators
  • Supervision of the Amplivia network and management of incidents by the Pau monitoring centre, year-round and 24/7

Preventive and corrective maintenance

  • Annual preventive maintenance visit
  • On site corrective maintenance

Axione’s Assets

  • Strong commitment to service consistency when deploying new connections, with operations with no interruption in service provision.
  • Monitoring of equipment 24/7 and management of access restrictions to guarantee that service is reestablished within 4 hours in case of interruption.

Client benefits : A network that is reliable and performs well

  • A reliable, secure, interconnected network enabling all educational institutions to communicate remotely.

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