Managed dedicated networks

Center Parcs called on Axione’s expertise to design and deploy “green” optical architecture covering 850 cottages throughout the Bois aux Daims village (in the Vienne department, western France). The technology used provides a comprehensive solution that is efficient, cost-effective and ecological.

In order to provide customers of the village with secure high-speed connectivity, our experts used the POL (Passive Optical LAN) technical solution to install network infrastructure connecting 850 cottages and all the technical sites and communal areas throughout the Bois aux Daims Center Parcs resort in the Vienne department in western France. This means that each holiday-maker can enjoy full network coverage in their accommodation, with high-speed access to various services including TV, Wi-Fi and internet.

reduction in energy use
of floor space freed up
km maximum span between each component

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“Thanks to its technological expertise, Axione has delivered a comprehensive solution that offers connectivity throughout the Center Parcs site and meets user needs.”

Eric Tournois, sales department for managed services for regions at Axione

Axione’s service

a solution that is environmentally friendly, cost effective and efficient

  • The POL (Passive Optical LAN) technology deployed is based on passive fibre-optic point-to-multipoint architecture. The proposed solution is used in fibre roll-out in France.

The network, monitored by the Pau operations centre, brings together the full range of IT technologies.

  • The technology requires little equipment, keeping the number of technical facilities located on site to a minimum. Plus, the boxes installed in each of the park’s lodges are energy efficient and free up 90% of the floor space in relation to conventional equipment

Axione’s added value

  • Operates and monitors infrastructure to ensure the system offers high-availability services
  • Provides comprehensive and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Uses high-performance and innovative technology
  • Delivers projects on time and in line with required standards

Customer benefits

More efficient and environmentally responsible infrastructure

– Operation and monitoring of a reliable network that provides better and more secure connectivity at the resort

– More energy-efficient infrastructure

User benefits

– Full connectivity for users in their cottages and throughout the resort

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