Mobile Coverage
Capture 3G/4G/5G inside your buildings by means of a multi-operator infrastructure.
Our services
– Indoor mobile coverage
We design solutions adapted to your connectivity needs that take your buildings’ specific requirements into account. After a study, we therefore suggest that you opt for the most appropriate technology ( hybrid, active or passive ) that meets the requirements of your infrastructure.
– Maintenance & Supervision
Axione offers you a unique, turnkey service, from monitoring of the network through to maintenance operations on site.
Connect your users by means of a local or extended network according to your telecom services needs.
Our services
– Local network
Axione lays a local optical network (Passive Optical LAN) based on supervised GPON technology and totally dedicated to your flows and applications.
Axione offers a WDM link service tailored to your needs, whether you want to lease the service or buy the infrastructure. We know how to set up  speeds varying from 1 Gbits to several hundred Gbits, delivered on Ethernet, Fiber Channel, OTU-2 or OTU-4 interfaces.
Roll out a Radio network fully dedicated to your uses and independent of public mobile networks.
Our services
– Private LTE / 5G networks
Axione designs, rolls out and maintains your LTE and 5G networks to guarantee you secure connectivity and high-performance mobile communication.
We set up a single administration platform to support your different business applications.
– Secure radio network
Axione designs, rolls out and maintains your PMR networks to guarantee you high-performance, reliable, secure and dedicated connectivity.
 our solutions fit your specific requirements, whether you are a company, a local authority or an administration.

Draw on our expertise in design, construction and maintenance in fixed or mobile telecom structures
Our services
– Black fibre optic
You can choose to rent Black Fibre Optic pairs from us or to buy cables from us that we then roll out and operate.
– Radio sites
We offer you a turnkey or customised solution according to your needs for the execution of your radio hosting projects. We support you along the entire length of the project through centralised management.

Why choose Axione?

Our background as a neutral infrastructure operator

Our know-how in the entire value chain, from design through to operation

Our ability to integrate complex engineering

Our flexible financing tailored to your specific situation


A major player in fibre optic in France

Since 2003, in rural areas and then recently in High-density Urban Areas, Axione has been rolling out and operating fibre networks.
Every day, our local branches see that our fibre projects are successfully implemented all over France.


A radio network Expert

With its know-how in all types of radio infrastructure, Axione is a benchmark in radio networks, from building projects through to the rollout of a VHS Radio network over an entire local area. Our internal Design Office and its teams of experts study and design a fibre and radio installation to meet your needs.

A dedicated supervision centre

Our national Operating and Supervision Centre works 24/7 to maintain and supervise your networks and infrastructures.


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