Axione 5: our major project for change for 2026

In 2023, Axione celebrated its 20th birthday!

At 20 years of age and after the success of the France THD plan, the time has come to open a new chapter with this major plan for change for 2026: Axione 5.

This corporate project is built around five major ambitions: plant solid roots in our local area, reduce our environmental impact, help people move forward, develop new business lines and be a positive influence on our sector.

discover our 5 pillars

Help our local area

For us, acting locally means asserting our historic roots in these areas, energising the community to which we belong and helping it to grow.

Meet climate challenges

Reconciling digital development and respect for the environment by reducing our environmental footprint and that of our value chain.

Transform our markets

We are profoundly transforming our markets. We want all our stakeholders to embrace these values we believe to be fair and make the digital, ecological and energy transitions a collective success for our customers and for us. Our impact on the markets will help us raise the profile of our business, environmental and social actions.

Support progress

We know that economic growth and social progress go hand in hand. This is why we need to imagine the future of essential services. Social cohesion, work, health, education, safety and culture. This is the progress we believe in.

Help our staff to thrive

Establish ourselves as a benchmark employer with a long-term commitment to the local community: boost local employment, enhance the employee experience, build the digital professions of the future and develop a sense of belonging.