Axione, a major stakeholder in digital infrastructure for rural and urban areas, is rolling out digital services to ensure sustainable connectivity for the economic, social and societal development of the French regions.


Axione had an outstanding year in 2022, with record sales of €700m. Order intake was also up over the year and visibility on the company’s sales increased, with a backlog of around €1.5bn.

Despite ongoing inflation, energy and contract management pressures, Axione has risen to the challenge of digitalizing the regions with a high level of operational efficiency.

The challenge in the coming months will be to navigate the strategic bends in our path
while remaining focused on our immediate operational issues. We will have to diversify our portfolio,
ncrease investment in digitalization and successfully develop our Axione 5transformation project.

Éric Jammaron, Chairman of Axione


To prepare for the gradual end of the main fibre optic markets and to ensure another twenty years of success, Axione has embarked on a major transformation plan out to 2026: Axione5.

Drawing on the group’s strength, values and belief in its ability to change the world, the company aims to become a benchmark player in new uses, to harness the potential of the regions to seize the opportunities offered by digitalization and, above all, to play an active role in ecological and societal transitions, in keeping with its CSR policy, which is the cornerstone of its overall performance.


By positioning itself as a benchmark player in the digital transition of regions and organisations, Axione is committed to providing its stakeholders with digital services that have a positive impact while guaranteeing strategic uses.

Axione’s strategy is based on three major pillars:

Serving the regions. Strengthening ties with stakeholders to serve the regions has become a priority for the company, which is working towards a more inclusive digital transition. In particular, Axione is involved in sponsorship around the five themes of the transformation plan (region, responsibility, common good, progress and impact).

Protecting the environment. Axione aims to balance environmental and digital needs by reducing its environmental footprint and introducing a climate roadmap in line with the Paris agreements. Axione wants staff to adopt environmentally friendly business practices and behave respectfully towards the environment to protect biodiversity.

Promoting the advancement of men and women.Axione strives to enhance the employee experience. Developing the digital careers of the future and a sense of belonging are company priorities.

We overhauled our CSR strategy in 2022, to strengthen our ambitions and underpin Axione’s sustainability.
We believe that this latest step in our CSR efforts is essential to our future and that of our customers, employees and regions. To address social, societal and environmental challenges, Axione is embracing its DNA of creating and sharing value by working more closely with local communities to maximise its impact and help bring about fair and useful progress.

Éric Jammaron,