This article reviews our tailor-made integration programme.

By implementing the social clause* of France’s labour law, we recruit and train the long-term unemployed in the fibre optics business.

As part of France’s nationwide fibre optics deployment, Axione’s subsidiaries – the public service delegations – united to recruit and train jobseekers as fibre optic technicians, covering the processes of staking, drawing and connecting. We work closely with employment professionals to develop an action plan that addresses the issues of the affected regions. In triggering social clauses specific to French labour laws, we help to increase appeal by boosting the local jobs market.

*Social clause: “The purpose of integration through economic activity is to enable unemployed individuals experiencing specific social and occupational difficulties to benefit from employment contracts with a view to facilitating their social and professional integration”. (Article L.5132-1 of the French Labour Code “code du travail”).

At Axione, we firmly believe that such an approach must be adopted across regions on as local a basis as possible. To achieve this, we leverage the expertise of our Axione Academy business university and partner training organisations. As such, we deliver courses combining theory and practice. The recruits who sit our courses are given an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice as they work on Axione projects. In doing so, they quickly become operational and develop into skilled fibre professionals.

The NÉOPOLIS RÉSEAUX CCI DROME training centre delivers expertise for the fibre optics and copper trades in an endeavour to cater to the region’s needs. We are in the process of creating a “fibre optic installer-connector” training scheme, in collaboration with AXIONE. Our trainers are seasoned professionals and we successfully obtained the “Objectif Fibre” (“Fibre Goal”) certification through our unwavering commitment to telecoms players.  Parallel to this, we assist these players in their recruitment. Working alongside agents, we make sure to include professional integration individuals in our training courses.

Danièle Mialon-Reginato, FTTH Training Consultant based at Neopolis Réseaux (Neopolis Network) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) for the Drôme Department

These individuals are supported by a mentor throughout their business training.

What’s more, the success of the course depends almost entirely on these mentors. Mentors are recognised site supervisors with a proven track record in managing novices to the fibre optics business. To guarantee the best possible integration and support for new employees, mentors sit a “Tutorat” (“Mentoring”) course. This helps them to hone their approach to training as well as structuring the stages of learning and validating experiential knowledge.

At Axione, we prepare every last detail to support course participants’ training and professional reintegration. On balance, the special relationship between our participant beneficiaries and mentors is what makes us stand out from the competition.

Benjamine d’Humières, HR Development Manager

The gradual upskilling of technicians who enrol on the integration course also contributes to employability. In more cases than not, this is achieved through a professional training contract, which in turn, secures a job position.

Recruiting for the long term: meet Jamal Amazian

As for my relationship with Axione, there’s a sense of mutual trust. They taught me everything, and prepared me for this role

Jamal Amazian, Axione Site Manager, STeF (FTTH Technical Support) at the Vedène branch, located in the Vaucluse department. 

Discover Jamal Amazian’s 2-minute video testimonial.

Did you know ?

Programme beneficiaries

  • Minimum income benefit recipients
  • Jobseekers aged over 50
  • Individuals qualifying for an integration scheme through economic activity
  • Unqualified young persons with no prior professional experience
  • Workers with disabilities
  • Minimum social benefit recipients
  • Long-term jobseekers