From 8 to 10 December, Axione’s teams will attend the SIMI Salon de l’immobilier d’entreprise (Paris 17tharrondissement) real estate trade fair. Axione will present its indoor mobile connectivity solutions on the Bouygues Construction Indoor Mobile Radio Coverage Lead.

To mark the event, we sat down with Indoor Radio Mobile Coverage Lead, Tamara Chany, to discuss the connectivity challenges faced by companies as well as Axione’s expertise to meet its clients’ needs. 

1- Can you tell us more about companies’ connectivity needs?

For several years now, many companies have clearly been impacted by a lack of connectivity to enable the development of digital uses within their various areas of expertise. Digital needs are fast-changing and digitalisation[OJ1]  is accelerating for companies. Drawbacks may involve the construction of infrastructure[OJ2] , which is particularly influenced by the use of specific materials and geographic location. For this reason, a building’s appeal crucially depends on a reliable, high-performance network. Not only does it boost user satisfaction, but it also increases the long-term value of a real-estate portfolio.

2 – What additional qualities does Axione bring to the table regarding radio infrastructure deployment?

Axione is a global player in the digital technology sector. The Group has recognised expertise in fibre optic and radio infrastructure with specialised coverage in rural areas and cities.

What’s more, our DNA is characterised by our ability to deliver projects through our shared skill sets across the value chain. The latter encompasses infrastructure design, installation and operation coupled with network maintenance and supervision. To this end, our local branch teams based all over France manage the real-time supervision and maintenance of our networks[OJ2] . This is to ensure continuity and quality of service for all of our clients through our Network Operating Centre (NOC) in Pau (south-west France).

We are able to provide a custom-made indoor mobile coverage solution, adapted to a building’s specific requirements.

Our indoor mobile coverage expertise is showcased through completed projects which include La Samaritaine and the Moods Building in the Greater Paris region.

3 – How do users benefit from Axione’s solutions?

Thanks to our solution, users will be able to make calls and share live content on social media  whilst using streaming platforms. And of course, our high-performance connectivity is just the icing on the cake! Our solution, which we describe as “scalable”, provides further opportunities in delivering long-term support to the digitalisation of buildings whether through energy management or security.

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