In 2016, a healthcare company and world leader in its field, called on Axione to provide a solution for mobile network (3G/4G) coverage in a new building near Lyon. The operation was such a success that the company demonstrated its trust in Axione by signing another contract in 2020 to outfit new premises close to the city of Lyon. A lasting partnership and a major demonstration of faith in our expertise.

A trusting and lasting partnership

In 2016, Axione was entrusted with the provision of an indoor network coverage solution. This technical system allows operators to provide 3G/4G mobile network coverage. This solution ensures a high quality connection for the several hundred employees working in this building.

It proved a successful operation and a contract was renewed in 2018 for four new highly modern buildings. The 75 antennas installed will provide several hundred employees with optimal connectivity both in the three office spaces (6,700m2) and in the cafeteria (1,875m2). This multi-operator solution is ideal for this site as it has employees from all over the world.

Building  Coverage Indoor

📸 : Renaud Araud

Axione’s teams were active from the end of November 2018 to the end of June 2020, ensuring the design, installation, and execution during the construction phase of the various sites. A challenge that demonstrates our ability to adapt to site limitations.

Optimal, uninterrupted connectivity throughout all buildings

“Nowadays, indoor coverage solutions are being used more and more in buildings where new energy efficiency standards such as the High Quality Environmental standard (HQE) hinder the penetration of radio waves. This technology ensures perfectly stable mobile connectivity and provides users an optimal connection so they can work uninterrupted. In this type of operation, clients become owners of the infrastructure. It therefore represents a form of digital heritage,”

Laurent Chareyre, Lyon Production Unit Manager

Another success for the Axione teams, taking the form of the operator’s first commissioning. Employees started going to work at the site in mid-2019.


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