Is it not said that our student years are the best of our lives? For students in Pau this is certainly the case! Thanks to La Fibre Paloise (LFP), a public-initiative network and subsidiary of Axione, they benefit from an optimal connection to the WiFi network in CROUS (Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires – “regional centres of French national student services”) university residences.

Did you know? Pau is ranked 3rd of the student cities “where life is good” among France’s medium-sized cities*. It is also in Pau that La Fibre Paloise, a subsidiary of Axione, connected seven CROUS university residences to fibre—all in different parts of the city. It is the task of these public establishments to develop research and innovation, and improve students’ living and working conditions. This operation ensures access to super-fast connections for students on campus.

Each building has a fibre link that allows several hundred students to connect to the WiFi network. Each initial connection requires authentication with a username and password. Once this is done, everyone can move from one residence to another without needing to log in to the network again. This is highly practical for getting in touch with classmates and doing group work, for example. 

This project demonstrates our ability to combine the needs of a region with those of users, allowing them to remain permanently connected to those around them: friends, family, and classmates.”

Philippe Gradinac, Connected Regions Project Manager for La Fibre Paloise (LFP)

The use of super-fast broadband is therefore ideal for living student life in Pau to the full; optimal studying comfort, leisure activities, and the ability to stay in touch with loved ones with video calls.

Key figures:

– 100%: all inhabitants of the Agglomération Pau-Béarn-Pyrénées are now eligible for a fibre connection.

– Almost 100,000: the number of connection points established in the heart of the city.

– LFP also modernised existing connection points built since 2003, providing the population with improved bandwidth and services.

*L’étudiant: general ranking of student cities 2019 – 2020 (ranking of 100 cities studied by French weekly “L’Express” in its 11th September 2019 issue)