The Union Investment company, owner of the new “Grand Central” building near Saint-Lazare station, called upon Axione’s expertise to provide an indoor coverage solution in the Pernod Ricard offices. A request that demonstrates our ability to provide a reliable, bespoke solution for multi-operator mobile connectivity.

In 2019, Axione was entrusted with providing a multi-operator 3G and 4G mobile coverage solution for Union Investment in the new Pernod Ricard offices, as well as in the building’s common areas.

Our teams installed 83 radio antennas over 4 months, providing all French and international employees optimal connectivity throughout the whole premises. Employees have access to several common areas where they are also able to fully maintain their connections during breaks.


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“Axione’s teams seamlessly conformed to the tenant’s development schedule and displayed flexibility that allowed all project stakeholders to meet their respective delivery commitments.”
Charles Blandigneres, Union Investment Real Estate Project Director

Axione’s services

Design of the indoor coverage structure

  • Bespoke design and engineering study


  • Installation of all passive and active components of the radio infrastructure to provide all employees working in the offices with optimal coverage. •Seamless integration of the antennas.
  • Seamless integration of the antennas.


  • Optimal 4-operator coverage.

Axione assets

  • Being a neutral stakeholder
  • Providing a bespoke solution in a building undergoing renovation
  • Expertise in radio engineering and interfacing with operators
  • Working alongside other activities onsite
  • Delivering an operation on time, meeting the required quality standards
  • Installing digital infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with the building’s interior

Client benefits

A building better connectivity & efficiency

  • A solution that meets and adjusts to the specific needs of the “Grand Central” building in order to provide employees with a favourable working environment.

User benefits

  • Access to 3G and 4G networks throughout the site.
  • A multi-operator solution that provides employees with 100% coverage within the building, both in the offices and in staff recreation rooms.

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