In the Loire with LOTIM – The Public Initiative Network (PIN) acting as a catalyst for cooperation between health institutions / Public telecommunication links have enabled a shared platform to be created to exchange medical X-ray files in the Loire and Rhone-Alpes areas.


In addition to meeting “basic” telecommunication requirements (Internet and telephone), Public Initiative Networks play a role in accelerating the implementation of priority applications for the Regional Telemedicine Plans of Regional Health Agencies, including:

  • continuity of care in medical imaging;
  • treating cerebral vascular accidents (strokes);
  • prisoner health;
  • healthcare in medico-welfare establishments and home care;
  • treating chronic diseases (such as chronic kidney failure, heart failure and diabetes).

Over 400 French healthcare establishments currently use Axione digital services, including: University hospitals, hospital centres, private health insurance establishments, laboratory clinics, radiology / MRI centres and cancer research institutes.

Axione, facilitating the pooling or outsourcing of healthcare IS networks

Infrastructures and the provision of tailored digital services have enabled unique telemedicine projects to be completed:

  • the creation of shared technical facilities – a platform for sharing and storing X-rays and a remote platform for diagnosing strokes;
  • the creation of accredited local datacentres to host healthcare data;
  • an ultrafast broadband connection between establishments grouped into Local Hospital Communities, enabling them to share Information Systems;
  • faster network connections between establishments in the same area;
  • connection costs that are halved (10 Mb/s) or even three times lower (100 Mb/s) than the national average.