In Limousin, the RELIEF network has provided ultrafast broadband for all high schools and apprentice training centres


RELIEF is the Limousin Network of Education and Training launched in 2010. Headed by the Limousin Regional Council and the Dorsal joint association, this network illustrates the importance of ultrafast broadband for secondary schools to enable them to develop services and the educational use of digital technology.
The project forms part of the strategy to develop digital use in the local area and reduce inequality in access to knowledge and learning.

The national prize for technological innovation was awarded to RELIEF at the Educatec-Educatice trade fair.


In addition to this connection, RELIEF has a “service and practice” section designed to promote development and support for innovative learning schemes. As it provides the streamlined dissemination, sharing and publication of educational and cultural resources, the network also experiments with methods and technology before making them available throughout the network, including remote training and teaching, content streaming (no downloading required) and IP telephony.

When the network was launched, pupils and staff had 10 Mbit/s, compared to the 20 Mbit/s they now enjoy.

RELIEF is connected to the National Telecommunications Network for Technology, Education and Research (RENATER) via a 1 Gbit link.


Thanks to Axione Limousin and Dorsal, RELIEF now provides a fibre connection for 45 establishments, including all high schools and apprentice training centres of the Limoges Educational District, the Regional Council Building and the Regional Maison des Sports. The network now has the capacity to connect the Nursing Training Centres.

In 2012, the RELIEF network created a secure high-performance educational data centre. FLOCCUS is open to Limousin high schools, for students studying a BTS degree in “IT Services for Organizations”, for Vocational Baccalaureate students (since 2014) studying “Administrative Management” and for teachers.