In 2019, our teams delivered a new-generation, multi-operator radio infrastructure — an ‘active’ radio solution providing optimal connectivity for the new 40,000m² Société du Grand Paris headquarters, ‘MOODS’, designed by the renowned architecture firm Valode & Pistre.

Located in the Plaine Saint-Denis in Île-de-France, Axione employees successfully carried out the installation of a 3G and 4G indoor mobile network including 90 antennae. Boasting a unique architectural design, the building communicates weather information in real time using neon lighting that changes colour based on the weather forecast over the coming three hours. Hence the name ‘MOODS’ given to this bright and brilliant work by François Morellet.

For this new-build project we would like to thank in particular the SDEL ITT CONCILIO company, a subsidiary of VINCI ENERGIE, who entrusted us with the task of the radio coverage construction, as well as the technical consultancy for the project. PARELLA. This is a terrific project success for our company, which has been achieved within the context of a large-scale architectural project.

© Nicolas Grosmond

The MOODS project posed a major organisational and operational challenge, as we had to provide this building with GSM and full Wi-Fi connectivity using the FTTO (Fibre to the Office) system, within a very tight timeframe of less than 4 months.”

Eddy Fichaux, Business Manager at SDEL ITT Concilio


Design of the indoor coverage structure

  • Design and engineering study carried out by BE Radio Axione


  • Installation of 90 antennae


  • Optimal multi-operator coverage over a surface area equal to 40,000m2
  • Seamless integration of the infrastructure
  • Equipementier Commscope, Solution Era

Axione’s Assets

  • Being a neutral stakeholder
  • Providing a tailor-made solution within a building under construction
  • Expertise in radio engineering and interfacing with operators
  • Working alongside other activities onsite
  • Delivering an operation on time, meeting the required quality standards
  • Deploying a radio infrastructure to meet the specific needs of the site


A building with 100% connectivity

  • A tailor-made solution designed to meet the needs of a building with a vast surface area

User benefits

  • Access to 3G and 4G networks throughout the site.
  • A solution that enables the 1,640  employees working at the head office to enjoy building-wide internet connectivity, improving their working experience and well-being. The entire building has been provided with coverage: the offices, the co-working areas, the fitness zone and the company restaurant.