Electricity transport network (RTE)

RTE entrusted AXIONE teams with the deployment of over 15km of fibre optic cable, which made it possible to connect two strategic substations located in the hinterland around Nice. This transmission solution allows the telecommunications network between the Bancairon and Valabres substations to be strengthened.

The challenge:

Our employees deployed a Black Fibre Optic (BFO) infrastructure to connect the Bancairon and Valabres substations point-to-point.

For several months, the AXIONE teams have shown an ability to adapt by deploying 16.5 km of fibre optic cable in the infrastructures of Orange and the SICTIAM public initiative network.

A project implemented successfully which demonstrates the ability of the AXIONE teams to work within the set deadlines whilst still adapting to the constraints imposed by the health situation and the landscape (mountain roads, “storm Alex”) and in accordance with the safety rules.

km of black fibre optic cable deployed
black fibre optic (BFO) pairs

I would like to congrulate the Axione project team for its professionalism and commitment to the creation of this new dedicated route to RTE between the substations of Valabres and Bancairon.

Pierre Gelly, DI project manager for the company RTE

The Axione service

We provided a global service for our customer:


  • Analysis and ground surveys of existing sites to ensure that the transition to fibre optic was possible


  • Coordination of works with subcontractors, third party companies, Métropole de Nice Côte d’Azur etc.


  • Deployment of 16.5 km of black fibre optic cable (6 pairs of BFO)


  • 10-year contract for the provision of fibre infrastructure maintenance

The + Axione

  • To be a neutral stakeholder
  • To analyse and propose a solution that is adapted to the constraints on the ground
  • To participate in a co-activity on the work site
  • To deliver works whilst meeting deadlines and the required quality standards
  • To deploy a customised fibre infrastructure that meets the customer’s requirements


Sites are 100% connected to very high speed internet

  • A dedicated private fibre network to meet the customer’s interconnectivity needs in an area without connectivity.
  • Modernising the transmission network has made it possible to improve the operational performance of the electricity network in this area.
  • Thanks to the quality of the network deployed, RTE is able to integrate new Very High Speed services for its employees (WiFi and videoconferencing for example).