La Samaritaine

Axione carried out works providing Indoor Coverage for the emblematic listed historical building “La Samaritaine”, which dates from 1870. The building, which has been undergoing renovation work for the past 15 years, is owned by the LVMH group and is located in Paris. This project is a wonderful yardstick as it demonstrates Axione’s expertise in implementing indoor-coverage projects.

In June 2019, Axione was tasked with providing full indoor 3G/4G network coverage throughout La Samaritaine (an area of 48,000m2) by Santerne Île-de-France, the company in charge of electrical works for the client LVMH. 104 radio antennae have been set up inside the building by 7 Axione staff members, who were enlisted to work on the site. Work was completed in July 2020.

Axione’s teams commissioned services for the four operators. This event reflects the major synergy between the operator and Axione and demonstrates our expertise in delivering indoor coverage projects for very large sites.  


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“The Axione teams satisfied our requirements for the project. They have adapted to the project’s constraints, particularly in relation to putting in place hidden antennae in the suspended ceilings, despite how little space there is and how dense the networks are. This project was a great success and helped forge a trusting relationship between our companies for the future.”
Jean-Baptiste Gandin, Group Manager at Santerne Île-de-France.

Axione’s services

Design of the indoor coverage structure

  • Design and engineering study carried out by BE Radio Axione


  • Installation of 104 radio antennas, 52 CAP-L, 7 TEN, and 1 CAN from the Commscope brand in the La Samaritaine historical building undergoing renovation.


  • Optimal multi-operator coverage over a surface area equal to 48,000m2
  • Seamless integration of the infrastructure

Axione’s Assets

  • Being a neutral stakeholder
  • Providing a bespoke solution in a building undergoing renovation
  • Expertise in radio engineering and interfacing with operators
  • Working alongside other activities onsite
  • Delivering an operation on time, meeting the required quality standards
  • Rolling out radio infrastructure that meets the specific needs of the site

Client benefits

A building with better connectivity & efficiency

A solution that meets and adjusts to the specific needs of a newly renovated historical building.

User benefits

  • Access to 3G and 4G networks throughout the site.
  • A multi-operator site solution compatible with visitors from all over the world, allowing them to make phone calls within the building.

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