in-building coverage

In 2016, a global leader in healthcare appoints Axione to roll out a solution that will provide a new building located near Lyon with 3G/4G mobile network coverage. The project is so successful that the client renews its confidence in Axione, signing a new contract with it in 2020.

Axione was tasked with deploying an indoor coverage solution enabling carriers to deliver a 3G/4G mobile network in four new high-specification, modern buildings for a global leader in the healthcare sector. The 75 installed antennas will provide several hundred employees with optimal connectivity both in the three offices (6,700m²) and the cafeteria (1,875m²). This multi-carrier solution is ideal for the site which houses staff from all over the world.

Radio antennas installed
M² of network coverage

©TJ Archi / photos Renaud Auraud.

Axione’s service

Design of indoor engineering

  • Completion of concept studies and engineering for building


  • Installation of 75 radio antennas in company’s four buildings: three offices (6,700m²) and a cafeteria (1,875m²).

  • Optimal multi-carrier coverage over total surface area of 8,575m².

Indoor coverage solutions are increasingly being used today in buildings where new ‘HQE’ energy performance standards prevent outdoor coverage from penetrating indoors. The technology ensures full continuity of mobile phone services and enables users to work seamlessly thanks to maximum connectivity. In this type of project, the client becomes the owner of the infrastructure. It’s a real digital asset.

Laurent Chareyre, Lyon production unit manager

Axione’s added value

  • Provides a neutral interface
  • Undertakes works with complex sequencing
  • Adds expertise in radio engineering and carrier interfaces
  • Operates simultaneously with other trades on site
  • Delivers projects on time and in line with required quality standards

Customer benefits

Buildings that are better connected and more efficient

A solution that meets and is tailored to the new “HQE” energy performance standards established in buildings which prevent radio waves from penetrating indoors.

User benefits

– Access to 2G, 3G, 4G networks across the site.
– A multi-carrier solution that accommodates employees from all over the world on site.

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