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Vassivière Island adopts ultrafast broadband to boost its cultural and leisure facilities.

ile de Vassivière


Owned by the Limousin Region and located on the border between Haute-Vienne and the Creuse, Vassivière Island is a place dedicated to leisure and culture. Its digital development was led by the Syndicat Mixte Lac de Vassivière (SMLV). Dorsal, the association acting as project owner and coordinator, appealed to teams at Axione and Axione Limousin to implement the required facilities.

The SMLV’s initial priority was to provide fibre and Wi-Fi coverage for Auphelle (a village with hotels, restaurants, campsites and the tourist office) and to connect its offices on the island to the fibre network to solve its problems caused by a poor Internet connection.

Taking advantage of this construction work and the existing ducts in and around Auphelle, Dorsal and Axione Limousin proposed a complete digital development for the island, extending the fibre network to cover the main structures and establishments of the local region.


The digital development of Vassivière Island means that connected establishments can carry out their daily business in optimal conditions. These establishments, which are dedicated to welcoming the general public, also and above all want to be able to offer their many visitors high quality broadband, especially during the summer season. Whether for surfing the web, checking their emails or using tourist apps on their smartphones, tablets or laptops, tourists have increasingly high expectations when it comes to connectivity. In the long term, the digital facilities should also help the island to once again host key events, such as the Tour de France time trials and car rallies.


The project was conducted jointly by Axione Limousin for the design of the Wi-Fi networks (with a view to directly operating and marketing the services) and by Axione for designing and costing the fibre and Wi-Fi extension and connections.

The island’s digital development project works include:

  • Wi-Fi coverage for Auphelle campsites;
  • a fibre connection for the three hotels that requested the facility in order to enjoy professional quality ultrafast broadband;
  • a fibre connection for the SMLV offices and the château-restaurant;
  • the installation of pylons for an additional radio replication to the island’s campsites and restaurants.