success story

Thanks to La Fibre Paloise (LFP), a public-initiative network and subsidiary of Axione, students benefit from an optimal connection to the WiFi network in CROUS (Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires – “regional centres of French national student services”) universityresidences.

The city of Pau is ranked 3rd of the student cities “where life is good” among France’s medium-sized cities*. It is also in Pau that La Fibre Paloise, a subsidiary of Axione, connected seven CROUS university residences to fibre – all in different parts of the city. This operation ensures access to super-fast connections for students on campus.

Each building has a fibre link that allows several hundred students to connect to the WiFi network.

The use of super-fast broadband is therefore ideal for living student life in Pau to the full; optimal studying comfort, leisure activities, and the ability to stay in touch with loved ones with video calls.

*L’étudiant: general ranking of student cities 2019 – 2020 (ranking of 100 cities studied by French weekly “L’Express” in its 11thSeptember 2019 issue).

“This project demonstrates our ability to combine the needs of a region with those of users, allowing them to remain permanently connected to those around them: friends, family, and classmates.”

Philippe Gradinac, Connected Regions Project Manager for La Fibre Paloise (LFP).

Axione’s Assets

  • Combining the expertise of Axione business with public initiatives.
  • Helping local authorities to develop sustainable, scalable infrastructures to establish future uses in the region.
  • Anticipating student needs and paving the way for suitable, long-lasting solutions to their activities and hobbies.

A region that is connected

  • A network that provides the same superfast broadband services to people who live in rural areas as those available to people living in cities.
  • Local support for educational institutions and businesses to foster digital transformation in the region.

User benefits

  • Access to superfast broadband for students who can enjoy optimal studying comfort. Teachers can also use modern, more powerful digital tools.

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