Axione supports the work of Gabon’s National Parks Agency (ANPN). Thanks to the sponsorship of skills, Axione is making its expertise available to connect the premises of the Lopé National Park to the optical fibre. This service will enable the park’s scientific teams to instantly analyze all the data collected by the park’s connected objects (plotters, wildlife observation cameras, video protection, etc.), regardless of location.

The sponsorship agreement provides for support for Axione Gabon’s teams in connecting the offices and training center of the national park to the national ultra high-speed backbone. In concrete terms, Axione will supervise the work, supply, install and connect the optical fibre and commission the equipment.

We are very happy and proud to support the actions of the Lopé nature reserve, which works daily to protect biodiversity. Thanks to the expertise of Axione Gabon’s teams, we are installing a fibre optic network within the park. This fiber optic connectivity will significantly improve the possibilities given to researchers, scientists or students to transfer and analyze the data collected, necessary to observe and preserve the wildlife.

Jacques Beauvois – Chief Operating Officer

The ANPN is the organization in charge of the management of the 13 national parks of Gabon. The natural reserve of Lopé is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site.