Axione, a major player in the digital development of rural and urban areas, is seeking 150 work-study students for the 2023-24 academic year.

Axione has been using work-study contracts for the past ten years to support its strong growth. It has opted to recruit people on a work-study basis and is thereby involved in training younger generations throughout the country.  

Axione is seeking to fill a number of roles throughout France:

  • 60% engineer work/study or university graduates (baccalaureate+3/bac+5) to be trained as coordinators/works managers 
  • 20% work-study students for support functions (HR/financial controller/safety officer/sales)
  • 20% work-study students to be trained as technical research officers

Axione takes on students at different stages of their studies, ranging from two to four years of higher education, while some work-study students spend their whole training period with the company.

At Axione, we believe in passing on knowledge and this is why we recruit heavily on work-study programmes. This is a win-win situation for the trainees, but for us as well. Thanks to a personalised work-study programme, we train future professionals who help build and operate high-quality networks.

Marie Benoit, Recruitment and Career Development Manager at Axione

I did my work-study placement at Axione as an assistant works manager in the Côtes d’Armor region. I was responsible for installing fibre in the buildings, handling administration and field visits. Over the course of a year, I learned all about the fibre optic and contracting business. At the end of my placement, I was taken on as a works supervisor in Morbihan. At the age of 25, my work-study experience enabled me to attain this responsible position, supervising some twenty technicians and carrying out assignments that I find really interesting!

Louise Clément – Axione works supervisor in Brittany

The company is keen to hold on to its work-study students after their training, and aims to offer them personalised daily support to help them develop their skills by coaching them throughout their career.

For example, Axione systematically provides training for supervisors, and has a specific integration programme for new work-study students.

Our work-study students are put to work from day one and our supervisors ensure that they gradually become autonomous in all tasks, until the end of their training.

Marie Benoit, Recruitment and Career Development Manager at Axione.

Our local branches, located throughout France, carry Axione’s values and commitments. This is why our employees have opportunities to get involved in various causes that are close to their hearts in line with our commitments.

On Friday 20 May, our Toussieux branch in Lyon offered its employees the chance to donate blood.

The employees were offered this action a few weeks beforehand with the possibility of registering in order to go as a group to the establishment that received the donors.

Ten brave employees found time to go and agreed to volunteer for this good deed.👏

Health and safety is one of our top priorities.
That is why we have developed a nationwide initiative in our various local branches to offer all our employees sessions with an osteopath.

They can make an appointment with our network of osteopathic partners to be monitored, helped and treated during their working hours at preferential rates.

At Axione, safety is a daily concern for everyone. To mark the International Labour Organization’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work (28 April), this year’s theme is “Working together to create a positive safety and health culture”. Five Safety Captains are speaking on behalf of our 120 Safety Captains and their vital role.

The “Safety Captain” initiative was launched in 2021 to strengthen the safety culture in the field and to limit the number of accidents through risk prevention. Volunteering for a year, the Safety Captain acts as a link between the General Management and the field team by being the spokesperson for good practices in terms of safety, by being watchful for potential risks and by raising the alarm if necessary.

Franck, Raphaël, Florian, Ricardo and Madjid give us their take on the role.

My idea of a Safety Captain is to be a watchman on site. I am here to provide a link, to convey and help understand messages and information on the subject of safety. I also help to point out/warn of risky situations and correct them. Lastly, with the help of other staff, I look for new everyday tools that combine safety, manageability and efficiency. What has changed for me since I became a Safety Captain is that I am now informed about news, accidents and/or tools that have been introduced in other agencies for example. This allows me to better understand and pass on the safety culture to others.

Site supervisor – UP RFFO, IDF region

This approach has won me over because I have always been aware of safety issues through the nature of my work. I always felt it was important to brief the teams well and to give frequent reminders to avoid accidents. By becoming Safety Captain, I’ve simply become a bit more involved. For example, I do a quarter of an hour of safety every week, whereas before it was more like every month.

Assistant site manager – UP Portes les Valence, Centre-Alpes region

My most important role is to ensure the staff’s safety, aiming for zero accidents. Becoming a Safety Captain was simply a way of making a role I already had official! I have always tried to safeguard the team’s wellbeing as much as possible by sharing good practices during safety briefings, for example. I take my role seriously.

Team leader – UP Vierzon, West region

For me, being a Safety Captain mainly means being a driving force for safety within the company and our teams by:
•  systematically setting an example;
•  using safe practices;
• providing feedback in case of dangerous situations;
• proposing ideas to improve our practices;
• not hesitating to shut down a site if the circumstances require it.

As Safety Captain, it is also important to support newcomers to our teams to pass on our safety culture. The safety aspect has always been of prime importance in our agency and the introduction of the Safety Captains has allowed me to discuss situations more widely with other teams. Sharing experiences is helpful because it brings a different perspective and often leads to new solutions to problems that we all face on the ground.

Raphaël AUDRAS
Site supervisor – UP FTTH de Blyes, Centre-Alpes region

My main task is to ensure staff safety. To do this, I keep a watchful eye out for any problems, such as inadequate roadside markings. The aim is to have good reflexes and for them to be shared by everyone because each person’s actions can have an impact on the safety of all. Since I became Safety Captain, I have been talking more about the subject with the teams, raising their awareness of practical cases that are shared by the other Safety Captains. I feel I have a duty and even more responsible for the safety of the teams and subcontractors around me. This is also reflected in the teams, who have become more engaged and have better reflexes. I also feel more entitled to give reminders, such as the correct use of all PPE for example. I enjoy working proactively to improve safety and sharing experiences with other Safety Captains. We mutually benefit from practical discussions on shared problems and solutions in the field.

Team Leader – UP Neufchâtel-en-Bray, North East Region

She facilitates the digital agenda!

Our female staff members are fully committed to promoting female entrepreneurship and innovation. We take a look at the work of Maud, Head of Asset Management at Axione. On a daily basis, this young woman ensures that long-term contracts with public authorities and private partners are properly executed. Alongside her work, Maud has also had the opportunity to take part in the “Innovatech” competition in Nantes with the @Elles bougent association to help high school and university girls develop a project. 

On the occasion of World Health Day, a little reminder to our employees on the importance of having the right gestures at work and how to be more informed on this subject.

Watch a video on the good practices to adopt in order to avoid injuries and physical pain such as back pain ⤵️

Axione is committed to gender equality and aims to support the integration, career development and performance of women, regardless of their entity or business line. 

It is our collective responsibility to keep promoting our professions to women, especially in schools, to help female employees to develop in the company and thereby enable them to pursue ambitious career paths. 

To reflect the company’s strong commitment, we are launching a one-week communication campaign aimed at deconstructing preconceived ideas and giving a voice to women, as well as to men, about their careers within the company. 

Read the testimonials of some of our employees about their careers : 


Since 2019, companies have been invited to measure their performance in terms of professional equality and to publish the result of their “gender equality index” on their website. 

This index is made up of five indicators dealing with: 

– Gender pay gaps 
– Increased proportions of women and men 
– Proportion of women and men promoted 
– Increased percentage of women returning from maternity leave 
– The number of women and men among the top 10 highest paid in the company 

For this financial year, which covers 2021, our company has achieved a score of 89/100. 

Although this score is higher than the minimum of 75 points set by the government, we are determined to improve it by focusing on the theme of gender diversity in certain sectors and improving women’s access to the highest levels of responsibility, and therefore pay, in our companies. 

The Axione score (“Men – Women” index 2021)

Two Axione employees are supporting innovation and female entrepreneurship on 31 March by taking part in the “Innovatech” contest organised by the association “Elles bougent”, a partner of Bouygues Construction and its subsidiaries.  

Maud Renaux, Deputy Head of the Asset Management Department and Sandrine Gie, Head of Operations in the Centre-Alpes Region are attending this challenge in Nantes and Dijon as sponsors of the association in favour of entrepreneurship and technological innovation for female high school and university students.

Each team is made up of two high school girls, two students and two mentors working on the “industry of the future” theme.   

Several topics related to Axione’s operations will be discussed, including sustainable cities, medicine of the future, cybersecurity and schools of the future. The work is carried out in a 5-hour “hackathon” format. The team will then give a 10-minute presentation of their project in front of the jury in the style of a start-up company. Only one team will be chosen as a Regional Winner to participate in the National Final on 19 May. 

This challenge will not only help to envision projects for industry in the future, but will also foster entrepreneurship among young women, who are still very scarce in the engineering sector.  

Other Axione sponsors will soon take part in other sessions held in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Île-de-France and South-East regions.


Only 1 in 4 engineers were women in 2021 (source: Femmes Ingénieures). However, their talent is widely acclaimed by companies, as the association’s 237 partners have shown. 


Did you know? In 2021 we were pleased to welcome 145 interns to Axione, 50 more than last year!

Creating a bond between new arrivals is essential, which is why we have developed an integration course tailored to trainees, both fun and educational, to introduce them to the company and familiarise them with our business lines.

Together, let’s foster talent and develop careers. 🔝

We asked our employees to take up 1 challenge for May 1st: share 1 photo of their daily life at work and define in 1 word the Axione spirit. Challenge accepted!

In the field, in the office or working from home, in France and beyond, our employees contribute to connecting territories.

🎥 Discover the result in video 👇