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In the field, in the office or working from home, in France and beyond, our employees contribute to connecting territories.

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Press release

The Département of Loire-Atlantique is setting out to bridge the digital divide across its different regions over the coming years. As part of a public service delegation, it has chosen the consortium headed up by Axione, working in partnership with Vauban, to strive towards achieving the goal of fully rolling out the fibre optic network by 2025.

FIBRE44, a company founded by the Axione Group, Vauban Infrastructure Partners and the Banque des Territoires, is therefore getting underway with initial work to deliver a fibre-optic network to all residents in Loire-Atlantique still not covered, who live outside of the major urban areas of Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and the Guérande Peninsula.

The project has a twofold objective of:

  • Building and operating 179,000 connections within four years, on top of the fibre-optic connections already live in the Département.
  • Before 2027, taking over all of the infrastructure that has been already rolled out (approximately 290,000 connections in total) and overseeing technical and commercial operations over them until 2050.

This work will be completed solely using funding from FIBRE44 owners (Axione, Vauban and Banque des Territoires), and from banking partners (Caisse d’Epargne Bretagne Pays de Loire, Natixis, Société Générale and the CIC), in the form of long-term loans.

At the end of 30-year public service delegation, the Département will own the entire network.


Fibre optic will enable everyone to identify how they use the internet and to choose suitable services in order to coordinate and enhance their daily lives and their professional work, such as for healthcare, culture, education, discussions and sharing.

Unfortunately, the health crisis has thrown the spotlight on the digital divide experienced by some residents. In order to provide equal access to superfast broadband in both city centres and rural areas for craftspeople, freelancers, business owners, labourers, farmers, private individuals, pensioners and more, the Département is committed to rolling out the fibre-optic network in Loire-Atlantique, with the objective of it covering the entire region by 2025.

The start of the works undertaken by FIBRE44 is therefore another important step in this major project launched by the Département.

Philippe Grosvalet, Président of Loire-Atlantique Département.

Axione is driven by a firm belief that the professional work of digital developers does not end with the roll-out of the network infrastructure. There is also a need to be a rich source of ideas, make innovation a priority and get involved in the creation of a genuine local development dynamic. In order to do this, we hope to help to improve Loire-Atlantique’s appeal by building a network that will establish the required foundations for developing local innovative solutions.

Eric Jammaron, Deputy CEO at Axione

Through the project to roll out fibre optic across the Loire-Atlantique region, we’re helping to stimulate hiring, training and skills development.

Jean-François Sourisseau, FIBRE 44 chairman

Digital technology has become an essential piece of infrastructure for regions. Vauban is specifically working to direct long-term resources so that they are invested in pieces of infrastructure that will act as vehicles for long-term development in regions. The start of the initial works for this second phase in the Département of Loire-Atlantique is a key step in transforming Vauban’s commitments to the region into tangible infrastructure that will benefit everyone.

Gwenola Chambon, Vauban Infrastructure Partners Chief Executive

The Banque des Territoire is teaming up with its long-term partners, Axione and Vauban Infrastructure Partners, in order to invest in rolling out fibre optic in Loire-Atlantique. It is fully committed to bridging the digital divide across the region: Fibre44 has become the 27th public initiative network supported by the Banque des Territoires in France, and the forth in the Pays-de-la-Loire region. It is a key project which will help to not only bring superfast broadband to rural or marginalised urban areas, but also effectively boost employment, integration and, ultimately, the local economy.

Philippe Jusserand, regional director of the Banque des Territoires


digitalization of territories

For 3 years, our teams have been working to roll out fibre optic in the département of Seine-Maritime, with 50,000 connections being created.

In order to press ahead with the regional digitalisation project, the Syndicat Seine-Maritime Numérique is partnering with a consortium made up of Axione, Bouygues Energies & Services and Résonance in order to provide access to superfast broadband to all premises from April 2022.

On 19 April, the significant milestone of the 100,000th connection was achieved, which was marked with an event held for Seine-Maritime Numérique, where many of our employees ran a welding workshop.

Our involvement in the event has helped us to build up a strong relationship and trust with our customer Seine-Maritime Numériqueover a number of years.

Jérémie Leonardi, the Roll-Out Manager in Seine-Maritime.

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We are proud to contribute to the digitalisation of France’s regions through the provision of digital solutions tailored to local needs, and thereby developing the sustainability of the infrastructures rolled out.

A sustainable region consists of a number of synergies between its buildings and the energy supplies and services that give them life; we also construct and connect the infrastructures necessary for the movement of people, goods, and data for the region’s economic development and attractiveness, while always making consultation a key priority.

Bouygues Construction

The present challenge is to pursue the digital transition of regions by assisting local authorities in the development of existing network infrastructures. We believe in the optimised management of digital infrastructure for more efficient, sustainable, safe, and inclusive towns and villages. Now, more than ever, we are innovating.

Gilles Kabbani, Director of Strategy, Markets, and Regulation at Axione

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#Fresh Outlook

In their jobs, they are driving the digital sphere in their day to day tasks. That’s why we decided to go and meet two women who joined the Axione adventure around ten years ago, Vanessa and Magali. Both of them have had the opportunity to make an internal move for career development within the company. Today, one of them is the Manager of the Production Unit in Toussieu, near Lyon. The other one is FTTH Works Coordinator for the Drôme and Ardèche departments.

Find out about their career paths, what inspires them, and their day to lives as women working in the digital world.

#1: Your adventure here at Axione: pitch us your career path

I joined Axione in June 2008 in the Public Sector delegation and Axione subsidiary, Axione Limousin, firstly as a communication officer, with a 6 month mission.

Then I had the opportunity to join the ADTIM public initiative network in the departments of the Drôme and the Ardèche as an agency assistant. At the time, there were just 170 of us working at Axione. A small company….compared to now!

I had 3 children, twin boys and a girl; I devoted my time to them, and at the same time worked as an agency assistant with responsibility for communication.

After spending 12 years in the same job, I was looking for a change, the chance to find a new career for myself. I enjoy opening myself up to new experiences, so in January 2020 I became a works coordinator. I joined the deployment team within the Axione Production Unit based in Bourg-lès-Valence to work on the planned deployment of fibre optic of ADTIM FTTH. I wanted to be working as closely as possible to our core activity to understand how a network is rolled out. Finding a new job has given my career a whole new direction.

Magali, FTTH Works Coordinator for the Drôme and Ardèche departments

Finding a new job has given my career a whole new direction.”

For me, I joined the HR department at Axione in 2013. At the time, there were 500 of us working here. In just a few years, I’ve been aware of a dynamic trend and major growth in the number of company employees.

As an HR Manager, it was my job to work with this growth and to transmit the Axione corporate culture. So, if I had to define it in just a few words, I’d say that we have a taste for challenge, the drive to push ourselves further and a spirit of teamwork and positivity in our DNA.

In the 8 years I’ve spent in the company, I’ve been able to see how our open-mindedness has been one of our major assets. We make inclusion a priority. For us, it is a point of honour to recruit people who come from different backgrounds, staff who don’t always come from the Telecoms sector, to give them an opportunity to show what they can do. At Axione, drive and motivation are rewarded.

All this dynamism has meant that I have been able to take advantage of functional and geographical mobility to become the Production Unit Manager in Toussieu near Lyon.

Vanessa, Manager of the Production Unit in Toussieu, near Lyon.

At Axione, drive and motivation are rewarded.


#2:  What do your daily tasks include?

My job right now demands that I split my time between working in the office and the field. As a Works Coordinator, I have to travel from site to site to inform the design office in Lille that we work with about the status of the network. I am also in charge of coordinating the teams in the field.

Our role is to ensure that sub-contractors are well managed so that the different works to be performed are properly rolled out. These include civil engineering, post installation, pulling underground and overhead cables, as well as compliance with safety regulations.Axione’s strength is the team spirit.

There is real solidarity between the different departments, even remotely! What’s more, all these encounters also create the opportunity to progress within the company.


My main task today is to steer all of the Toussieu Production Unit’s services to ensure the roll-out, development and maintenance of radio infrastructure, so making sure that we keep our customers satisfied. To do this, I stay in constant contact with the teams managing activities on the ground and logistics, as well as with the customers (operators and the tower company, for example).

This requires me to be an active listener and to be able to take a step back in order to identify the best strategy to use to achieve our aims. Today, we realise that our jobs are more meaningful than ever. We only need to look at the essential character of digital networks. It’s very satisfying to work on a number of different projects and respond to a variety of needs.


For example, we also know how to roll out radio infrastructure effectively in rural areas or in dead areas with zero connectivity, even in high density areas which are already connected. We work in large geographical areas. In fact, the PU employees roll out radio networks in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and the Bourgogne Franche-Comté Region, so we have a major economic and social impact in the area.


#3: What is your view of women’s place at the heart of the digital world?

“As I said earlier, the opportunity we have to meet different kinds of people and work together in teams enables us to grow and enjoy career progression at Axione.

When I joined the company 13 years ago, I would have never believed that one day I would get the opportunity to become a Works Coordinator. In just a few years I’ve seen a great many changes within the company, as well as the feminisation of jobs, both within support services (commerce, finances) and in the field.

As a woman today, in order to succeed in our business sector you need to be brave and not hold yourself back. It is fairly easy to find motivation in our jobs. We share a real collective pride in taking connectivity into towns and villages. These days, we all need to be connected.”


“In our business sector, we owe it to ourselves to be agile so that we can constantly be innovative in the way we organise ourselves at work. To achieve our shared ambition today, we need to have the ability to reassess, to constantly create challenges for ourselves in order to become more efficient and perform even better.

The diversity we find within Axione makes the company culture even richer by providing a new vision of teamwork.

What’s more, several managers have observed that diversity brings with it complementarity a different view of how to manage projects. 

As professional women, we need to give ourselves permission to go for the top jobs with big responsibilities, and above all, not to get hung up on pre-conceived ideas about the telecoms sector: you just have to go for it!”


Focus on “Inspiring Woman”

Several years ago, I was lucky enough participate in a seminar led by Virginie Guyot, a woman who impresses me greatly with her unusual career path and the strong messages she sends. She was the first woman to join the Patrouille de France (French Red Arrows) before becoming their leader. Her speech at the conference inspired me. She drew parallels between her job, risk management and stress, the ability to step back in a crisis and the way she managed her teams. Her views on management were relevant and the advice she shared was a good response to our issues and challenges at Axione.


Overall, all the women are inspiring with their backgrounds and career paths. However, two colleagues in particular have left their mark on me. Caroline, for her perseverance. Elisa for her investment and her involvement, she was the first female employee in the company! Both of them have been able to make a place for themselves thanks to their skills and their strong personalities. I think they’ll know who they are 😊


#4: What is the day to day life of a woman 2.0 like?

In my opinion, being a connected woman today is about the ability to balance your family and professional lives. At Axione, as women we are lucky enough to receive caring support from our managers and colleagues when we are pregnant, for instance.

That’s important, because it marks a turning point in our lives with lots of changes, and we need to learn to organise ourselves in a different way. I’ve also noticed that our mental workload is important, you need to think of EVERYTHING: never have your private mobile very far away from you in case the school calls you, sometimes follow your TEAMS meetings, alter work arrangements around remote working or working in the field etc.

I also enjoy devoting time to my family, so when I have time off, I completely disconnect from all my screens! It is important to find a balance between these two lives…


I think that more or less everyone is connected to some extent today. I am never without my mobile. I think it makes our day to day lives much easier. For example, even when I have a busy day and I need to have a meeting, I go straight to my mobile apps. In just a minute, I know that the meeting is confirmed, and I can do so at any time. It’s really practical and a time-saver. 

I am also always connected to the news. With digital technology, we can all access everything really fast. I’d like to share a concrete example to illustrate this idea of immediacy that is part of life today: I’m always doing Google searches on my phone of absolutely everything I see or hear about directly or very spontaneously. I just can’t help myself!  


Words from experts

Gilles Kabbani, Director of Strategy, Markets and Regulation at Axione

Our mission is to provide access to Very High Speed broadband to support the development of innovative solutions throughout France.

#1: What are Axione’s ambitions and the challenges for local authorities?

Axione’s business plan is based on designing, building, operation, and marketing infrastructure that democratises digital access and usage. Our company was initially seen as a pioneer, then as the leader in the development of Public Initiative Networks, and our ambition is to continually innovate for the residents and businesses in local areas.

Ever since Axione’s inception in 2003, it has been able to respond to the ambitions of local authorities in terms of local digital development, with, as a first stage, the deployment of broadband for everyone, then from 2013 onwards, the roll-out of FTTH (Fibre To The Home) as part of the Very High Speed France Plan. This plan is currently being implemented, and the aim is to ensure that the whole of mainland France is covered by fibre optic cables by 2025.

Our role is to connect the whole of the French people, businesses and public institutions in the areas where Axione operates. This ambition is a general interest project, as it involves a service that has become a universal one. It is a real challenge to build the digital future in collaboration with the stakeholders in the regions. Our priority is to listen and advise so that we can provide better assistance.

Focus on Very High Speed Broadband

Access to very high speed broadband bolsters regional competitiveness and appeal while supporting the modernisation of public services – in rural areas as well. 
The Very High Speed Plan is unique in Europe, and is an unprecedented challenge that seeks to underline the attractiveness of France, enable all French citizens to gain access to the digital world and develop innovative public services throughout the country.

#2: What are our commitments to the regions?

Our expertise and experience gained over 15 years and more bear witness to our ability to respond to the needs of local authorities. The projects we have rolled out in the regions are the outcome of collaborative work between the different stakeholders and public and private actors, as well as our investing partners.

Our success is based on the relationship of trust we have built with our delegators, operating clients and shareholders. We have been able to create long-lasting partnerships that are rooted in our ability to achieve excellence as regards the technical and commercial goals of the projects. What’s more, this relationship of trust is strengthened by our historic positioning as a “neutral operator”, the sole guarantor of the perfect alignment of interests with our clients.

Our strong regional presence is reinforced by the close relationship we have with the various local stakeholders. We approach every project in a distinct way by responding to the specifics found in the regions and their own particular priorities. This is the way that we have been able to develop unique, innovatory solutions in regions where there is little employment, by coordinating with local social players and training bodies that are capable of working in the construction and maintenance of fibre-optics. We also make a contribution to the vitality of rural departments by assisting with the development of local start-ups in the digital sector, which on our networks frequently become essential regional operators by offering services that are adapted to meet the needs of a well-managed economic environment.

#3: What are the prospects for developing our solutions in the regions?

The infrastructures that we are developing belong to the local authorities. We have long-term operating and marketing contracts, some lasting up to 30 years.

Our job is to be providing scalable services that are always completely in step with the needs and policies of these local authorities. This is because regional stakeholders need to be accompanied in their digital transition to enable public institutions, local businesses and people living in rural areas to have access to a level of service that is at least equivalent to what people living in more densely-populated areas can pretend. Our projects are contributing to improvements in the economic and social attractiveness of the French regions.

Today, these networks are getting bigger and better. Local authorities are looking to companies to work with them to provide new digital uses for current infrastructure. The challenge is to develop connected regions by modernising all the public services via digitalisation. The automation and supervision of actions, in particular by using captors and the Internet of Things (IOT) offers the promise of optimising the management of the services provided to the people to develop towns and villages with greater efficiency, sustainability, security and inclusivity. A number of projects are currently being studied, in the areas of public lighting, video-surveillance and the monitoring of the energy consumption in buildings.

Working in conjunction with local actors to support the development of these projects demands that we maintain this closeness with local stakeholders in order to harness everyone’s energy behind a transition policy.

Indeed, all stakeholders will be mobilised to ensure the roll-out of connected regions: local authorities, operators and our company, Axione.

Crédit photo : Agence RJS

“So today, the challenge is to carry out regional digital transition by developing the current network infrastructure. Now, more than ever, we are innovating”.

Spotlight on the deployment of fibre optic in areas covered by Axione 

 175 partner telecoms operators

1.2 million FTTH connections already being operated

400,000 FTTH customers

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Connectivity to the people

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We are proud to be Top Employers France and Europe thanks to the certification obtained by Bouygues Construction and valid for all its subsidiaries. 🏆

This is a fine recognition of Bouygues Construction’s HR policy, which is geared towards a culture of sharing and passing on our expertise. It is also the reward for a year in which health and safety was given priority in order to offer our employees the best possible working conditions.

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Congratulations to all employees for their daily commitment! 👏

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Meeting of minds

Axione, a pioneer in regional digital development, has acquired Lumi THD, a creator of innovative solutions in superfast networks.

What is Lumi THD?

The company was created in 2014 and aims to make use of modern technologies to automate and mechanise both the design and management of fibre optic networks. Its objective is therefore to provide an effective and ergonomic solution to its clients.

As the publisher of an SaaS-model software solution, Lumi THD provides its construction company and engineering consultancy clients with the tools and support necessary to carry out FTTH studies. Lumi THD also carries out turnkey studies (engineering plans, preliminary design, tender design, etc.).

Lumi THD’s added value stems from its expertise in complex optimisation and modelling algorithms, data processing, and artificial intelligence.

Why did Axione wish to acquire this company?

The acquisition of Lumi THD makes it possible for Axione to fulfil several of its ambitions.

By making full use of their specific area of expertise, Axione will be able to enhance its processes and fibre network design tools, therefore increasing productivity.

Furthermore, Axione also wishes to support Lumi THD in developing new functionalities and services that are valuable to all fibre stakeholders.

This collaboration fits logically into Axione’s business plan and substantiates its commitment to providing innovative solutions for regional digital development.

What will be the real-world changes?

Lumi THD will still be an independent company from a management perspective, and will keep its name and identity. So the teams will remain in the same workplace and keep their usual routines. We are working on joint projects in the field of automatic preliminary and tender design generation and in the calculation of aboveground support loads, for example, which will inevitably lead to interaction and exchange between the different teams.

How is Lumi organised?

Lumi THD currently has 18 employees spread between our Paris and Bordeaux offices. We are split into two teams. One is focused on our clients and dedicated to business aspects. This is managed by Geoffroy Le Picard. The second is a technical team, which is itself organised into two centres of expertise: the first is focused on algorithms and carries out and controls studies, while the second is in charge of client interfaces, systems administration, and load calculations.

Why choose to join Axione?

We are at a key stage in our development and have gained a certain amount of experience and a certain maturity in design. Now we’re ready for the next step, namely international growth and the challenges related to operational activities. To approach these subjects, having the support of a group like Axione represents a real opportunity for growth, and will allow us to take that next step with ease and vigour. In short, both our objectives and our roadmap are fully aligned with Axione’s ambitions.

And a closing statement?

We are really happy about this change at Lumi HD, it’s a new step that benefits us all. Our first talks went very smoothly, and the objectives are clear and precise. We can already feel the value we’ll create together. All in all, we’re delighted!