Axione, a major player in the digital development of rural and urban areas, is seeking 150 work-study students for the 2023-24 academic year.

Axione has been using work-study contracts for the past ten years to support its strong growth. It has opted to recruit people on a work-study basis and is thereby involved in training younger generations throughout the country.  

Axione is seeking to fill a number of roles throughout France:

  • 60% engineer work/study or university graduates (baccalaureate+3/bac+5) to be trained as coordinators/works managers 
  • 20% work-study students for support functions (HR/financial controller/safety officer/sales)
  • 20% work-study students to be trained as technical research officers

Axione takes on students at different stages of their studies, ranging from two to four years of higher education, while some work-study students spend their whole training period with the company.

At Axione, we believe in passing on knowledge and this is why we recruit heavily on work-study programmes. This is a win-win situation for the trainees, but for us as well. Thanks to a personalised work-study programme, we train future professionals who help build and operate high-quality networks.

Marie Benoit, Recruitment and Career Development Manager at Axione

I did my work-study placement at Axione as an assistant works manager in the Côtes d’Armor region. I was responsible for installing fibre in the buildings, handling administration and field visits. Over the course of a year, I learned all about the fibre optic and contracting business. At the end of my placement, I was taken on as a works supervisor in Morbihan. At the age of 25, my work-study experience enabled me to attain this responsible position, supervising some twenty technicians and carrying out assignments that I find really interesting!

Louise Clément – Axione works supervisor in Brittany

The company is keen to hold on to its work-study students after their training, and aims to offer them personalised daily support to help them develop their skills by coaching them throughout their career.

For example, Axione systematically provides training for supervisors, and has a specific integration programme for new work-study students.

Our work-study students are put to work from day one and our supervisors ensure that they gradually become autonomous in all tasks, until the end of their training.

Marie Benoit, Recruitment and Career Development Manager at Axione.