The Nantes branch supports the MiniBigForest association: 30 employees took part in the collective planting of a micro-forest of 1,350 trees on the site of the Couëron Specialized Home (44). The aim of the project is to create a space for biodiversity and well-being for the residents, people with multiple disabilities.

At the initiative of employees, this action of solidarity and collective commitment unites the teams around environmental and social issues in a very local area. It’s a concrete action that will improve the living conditions of people with disabilities who live less than 20 km from our offices

Olivier Desenepart, Head of the Nantes branch of Axione

On October 21, Axione’s volunteer employees spent half a day supporting the association, residents and medical staff by planting local trees in a 450 square meter area. This moment of exchange was an opportunity to reconnect with nature and create social links. This local initiative also illustrates the willingness of employees to get involved and to play a part in the transformation of their region.

The Couëron Specialized Reception Centre is a public medico-social establishment which welcomes 60 people with multiple disabilities living on site. The regular heat waves cause a strong heat felt inside the establishment. This micro-forest of 1,350 trees will have a direct impact on the temperature in the interior spaces and will improve the quality of life of the inhabitants by its air conditioning, sensory, visual, educational and playful aspect.

Each of our mini-forests has its own history and energy. This allows us to measure, with each project, the extent to which the tree is an incredible support for life; the extent to which the relational network it weaves with the living is powerful. Whether it refreshes our often overly mineralized cities, creates living soil or has a powerful effect on our physiology, its encounter is always beneficial for those who live with it. Thanks to the support of Axione Nantes and the Lemarchand Foundation, the 1,500 trees planted will have a direct and long-term positive impact on the residents of the Coüeron Specialized Home

Jim Bouchet. Co-founder of MiniBigForest.