Founded in 2003, Axione has since fulfilled a public interest mission in the scope of the “Plan France Très Haut Débit” (Very High Speed France Plan) to ensure the digital development of France’s regions. Representing a symbolic city in Axione’s narrative, Pau and its surrounding region is one of the first to be 100% connected via fibre optic. Considered as the core of Axione’s network, the Pyrite building centralises the Group’s various lines of expertise to further its local and national influence.

The inauguration of the site in Pau is a symbolic moment for Axione: it confirms the company’s ambition to develop the region commercially in collaboration with its main institutional and industrial partners.

Commissioned by the Communauté d’Agglomération Pau Béarn Pyrénées urban community, the public service delegation “La Fibre Paloise” (LFP), a subsidiary of Axione, has managed to connect one in every two inhabitants of Pau (in Pau itself and the surrounding suburbs), as well as many local businesses, to the network.

In order to provide guests with an even more concrete and immersive experience, a series of workshops presenting the businesses will be organised by the company’s departments. Partners will be able to try their hand at optical welding, and visit the network operations centre, open for the occasion, to see the teams focused on ensuring the 24/7 network supervision service.

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