Specialised in the optimisation of the sustainability of electronic products, the Cordon Group has been evolving constantly since its creation in 1989. With 26 sites in 7 countries in Europe as well as in South America, the group’s 2,800 employees are pioneers in the telecommunications sector.

In this connection, the digital network had to be modernised so that employees could remain connected with the remote IS servers in the Dinan premises in Brittany. Axione rose to the challenge, supporting the Cordon Group, who wanted to modernise its information system infrastructure, by providing a direct link between the two buildings which are located in Dinan, but are more than one kilometre from each other.

The goal therefore was to optimise data exchanges notably using collaborative tools, to maximise productivity of production tools and to secure network access even in the event of technical incidents.

The advice and overall support provided by the Axione teams was a genuine source of added value for this project. Right from the first visit, we were clearly convinced by the advice and the transparency of the Axione experts. Right from the outset, they were able to guide us on technical issues

Vincent Deniau, Systems and Network Project Manager at Cordon Group

To ensure the success of the project, several internal departments from Axione were mobilised. First, the sales teams contacted the company to define the terms and conditions of sale. Then, it was the turn of the network mapping design studio, so that the work teams could carry out in-the-field assessments and then begin rolling out a 1.5 km Black Fibre Optic cable between the two server rooms.

Since April 2022, the company is connected to the network. Thanks to this link, employees located in both Dinan buildings now have the possibility of sharing files in a collaborative way, in complete security. The internal network can now manage a significant information system load, without latency.

Also, a back-up link of 4.5 km is being rolled out to guarantee a secure connection in the event of technical issues. As a result, the organisation of the company has improved significantly and different exchanges have been accelerated. These digital enhancements offer new opportunities for the Cordon Group both for production as such as well as in relation to management methods.

This first collaboration between Cordon Group and Axione has been a genuine success. The approach will be rolled out to other company locations.

We would like to sincerely thank Cordon Group for their unwavering trust and would like to congratulate the Axione employees who took part in this project

Thierry Hubert, Branch Manager Axione DPR-West Region (WST)

Vincent Deniau, Systems and Network Project Manager at Cordon Group confirmed that the company was very satisfied with the work carried out and looks forward to working with Axione again.