In its ongoing quest for innovation, Axione has launched the My Omniscient application developed by the start-up Omniscient, a platform for tracking equipment on construction sites by geolocating it in real time.

From the job site to the local office, centralising on-site equipment in one place while keeping track of it is a real challenge for operational staff. This equipment includes reels, fibre optic welding machines, generators (emergency power supply units) and reflectometers (electronic measuring instruments), all of which represent a significant cost for the offices.

Omniscient, a solution created by Com’in, has developed an application for construction professionals. This allows local offices to optimise their productivity in terms of resource management.

A pilot trial was launched last year to test the solution in two regions: Julien Launay, FTTH production manager, managed the project in Nantes, in the Pays de la Loire region. His counterpart Gaëtan Belin headed the project in Ain, Drôme and Ardèche.

Various needs drove us to test this solution: firstly, being able to make a complete inventory of equipment while also having the possibility to geolocate it. And secondly, ensuring that regulatory checks are respected is essential when working on construction sites. The goal is to optimize and formalize this process

Gaëtan Belin, formerly FTTH production manager at Axione in Centre-Alpes

Being able to manage this equipment is essential for our local offices because it represents a significant financial investment. It also provides way of sharing materials between the different offices when they’re not in use. Our focus in on creating a circular economy and on equipment security

Julien Launay, formerly FTTH production manager at Axione in the West regions

We’re supporting Axione in optimising their inventory management. Based on the information transmitted by the sensors connected to the equipment, the My Omniscient application provides real-time locations and allows for the monitoring of regulatory checks and allocation management. Our goal is to centralise all the equipment monitoring information in a single tool to save time in day-to-day management

Antonio Caselles, Director of Operations – Com’in

How does the application work?

The application uses a digital network dedicated to IoT connected objects (the technology deployed is LoRa) which allows the transmission of low-volume data. Sensors are attached to the equipment to connect it to the LoRa network in order to share data with the Omniscient application. Thanks to this solution, the operational staff in the local offices have access to a database from which they receive information in real time on :

-The usage rate of the equipment.

-The geographic location of the equipment.

-The safety-related regulatory checks to be performed.

Initial feedback on the solution has been positive. By late 2022 – early 2023, all key equipment will be fitted with an Omniscient sensor in all Axione’s production facilities in France.