What social, societal and environmental challenges does Axione face?

Since we were founded in the early 2000s, digital technology has become a huge part of all aspects of our society. The issues are the same, but the scale has increased tenfold. The needs of the future have become an emergency. Digital applications have become widespread in the fields of health, education, culture, administration, civic involvement, etc., and this movement has now spread to the labour market in its entirety with the proliferation of teleworking and corporate digitalization. The global climate issue has become a sword of Damocles, upsetting all schedules and giving us a collective responsibility.

The need for digital infrastructure to support multi-sectoral public and private uses is now universally acknowledged. Infrastructure has become a social purpose with all that this implies. The challenge is immense and exciting, as is our duty to set an example by taking practical steps with measurable effects: an ambitious climate strategy, joint construction with stakeholders of solutions to meet local challenges, innovating in our managerial and operational practices, changes in corporate governance, careful attention to the digital inclusion of people and companies that have been left on the sidelines, etc. In short, to devise a transformative, inclusive and well thought-out digital system to serve the regions and businesses.

The challenge is immense and exciting, as is our duty to set an example by taking practical steps

Eric Jammaron, Chairman of Axione

How can Axione help build a more responsible digital economy?

Our history has taught us the importance of using digital infrastructure to benefit the regions. From the very beginning, by opening up these new networks to all service providers, whether national or local, by using local subcontractors to build them, and by following a proactive economic integration policy, Axione has always been committed to the societal impact of its role, to human development and the emergence of a positive ecosystem.

This has made its infrastructures a springboard for creating new jobs and returning to work, and for the emergence of new practices and new models. Our origins as a public service provider and our local roots have given the company a strong partnership culture that is inclusive and respectful of our clients and partners. This DNA of creating and sharing value has always defined Axione’s ambitions and allows us to continue delivering value for money.

What role does CSR play in Axione’s transformation?

CSR is a compass that should keep us on course. In this respect, it should become the backbone of the company’s transformation. This means looking beyond a set of indicators to ensure that everyone in the company can measure their contribution to the collective trajectory on a daily basis. Acting responsibly and doing your bit is no longer optional, it is a binding commitment.  Managers, shareholders, staff and all company stakeholders are encouraged to consider their purpose, models and practices so as to increasingly combine economic value, benefits to society and energy efficiency. Axione wants to be a willing and inspiring player in this new world. Our approach is humble, because we don’t have the answers and solutions to hand, but we are determined to progress and to bring with us all who believe that this transformative path is not only preferable but essential.

This European Sustainable Development Week 2022 is an opportunity to assert our ambition, to unveil how we plan to meet two major challenges: that of positive impact through regional involvement and innovation, and that of carbon neutrality to be achieved no later than 2030.