Five years later, we have done it: the final deployment work has been completed. Thanks to the commitment of the teams as well as the confidence of Seine-Maritime Numérique, we have come to the end of this ambitious project. A second phase is now starting, involving data exchanges with the operator of the network, to enable marketing of Very High Speed broadband to inhabitants between now and end-2023.

“The Seine-Maritime fibre optic deployment project was a challenge which mobilised more than 300 staff over five years. It is thanks to their determination to complete the fibre installation in the department that we managed to complete our mission. To carry out this ambitious project, we could rely on the trust placed in us by the Syndicat Mixte Seine-Maritime Numérique. Today, we now have to close the less visible, but equally important phase, of exchanging technical data and administrative processing of markets. And this should be completed within the coming months. Let’s congratulate the teams for the excellent work they have achieved!” Jérémie Leonardi, Deployment Manager Seine-Maritime

In 2017, the Syndicat Mixte Seine-Maritime Numérique assigned the fibre optic deployment works to the grouping Bouygues Energies & Services, Axione and Résonance to provide Very High Speed Broadband to all local residents by 2023.

The mission of the Axione teams? To provide their expertise in deployment of the fibre telecommunications network for two zones, representing 50% coverage of the department, thereby enabling 120,000 FTTH connections.

In green, the Axione zones

All told, close to 300 people, including Axione staff and our external partners, contributed to the success of the deployment:

  • Around 80 Axione employees
  • Around 50 employees at the Deployment Department (DPL), of which around 30 to steer the project and about 20 in the Engineering and Design Office.
  • Around 30 employees at the Production Department (DPR) directly on site.
  • More than 200 external staff
  • To support this project, we called on around 40 sub-contractors (civil engineering, optics, tree surgeons, etc.).

👏 Well done to all of the teams for their commitment to this impressive project (external communication only: and Seine-Maritime Numérique for placing its trust in us)!

A reminder: the project in a few key figures

-120,000 FTTH connections

-17 optical fibre nodes built

-275 local connection points