Two Axione employees are supporting innovation and female entrepreneurship on 31 March by taking part in the “Innovatech” contest organised by the association “Elles bougent”, a partner of Bouygues Construction and its subsidiaries.  

Maud Renaux, Deputy Head of the Asset Management Department and Sandrine Gie, Head of Operations in the Centre-Alpes Region are attending this challenge in Nantes and Dijon as sponsors of the association in favour of entrepreneurship and technological innovation for female high school and university students.

Each team is made up of two high school girls, two students and two mentors working on the “industry of the future” theme.   

Several topics related to Axione’s operations will be discussed, including sustainable cities, medicine of the future, cybersecurity and schools of the future. The work is carried out in a 5-hour “hackathon” format. The team will then give a 10-minute presentation of their project in front of the jury in the style of a start-up company. Only one team will be chosen as a Regional Winner to participate in the National Final on 19 May. 

This challenge will not only help to envision projects for industry in the future, but will also foster entrepreneurship among young women, who are still very scarce in the engineering sector.  

Other Axione sponsors will soon take part in other sessions held in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Île-de-France and South-East regions.


Only 1 in 4 engineers were women in 2021 (source: Femmes Ingénieures). However, their talent is widely acclaimed by companies, as the association’s 237 partners have shown.