At the end of February the EUNICE storm swept across the northern third of France. Axione’s maintenance teams had to react swiftly to repair the damage and restore connections to thousands of homes.

Storm leaves thousands without internet :

Storm Eunice was brief but blew very hard, causing many power cuts across the northwestern part of France.

Axione’s teams in these areas (Nord and Pas-de-Calais, Seine Maritime) worked intensively throughout the weekend to secure the affected sites and restore the network.

Weekend summarised in figures:

  • 72 Optical Nodes [1](ON) affected
  • 7 NOs lost power completely with an average 3 hours of loss of service affecting 11,000 subscribers
  • 6 safety actions carried out on torn cables
  • 3 Generators to support the NOs
  • 387 network damage incidents recorded (these reports come from the subscribers declaring the network damage on the website of their DSP)
  • 20 staff working throughout the weekend

As the week begins, it is time for a follow-up on the crisis.

Network and SAV damages are still being reported every day. Axione’s teams are currently focusing on resolving the incidents and restoring the broadband network in all affected areas.

Bravo to Axione’s teams, who once again demonstrated their commitment, responsiveness and network expertise.

[1] In a fibre-optic network, the optical node is the place, i.e. a technical room, where the lines of a district or town’s subscribers converge.