Occasionally, nature challenges Axione’s teams! In November, Axione Corsica’s technical staff installed a 30-metre radio tower for Free Mobile in the heart of an area of outstanding natural beauty, on the Col de Bavella. Insight into a special operation to provide mobile connection in white areas.

Challenge accepted! Our employees once again helped with the “New Deal” scheme to roll out radio infrastructure to cover a number of white areas that lack connectivity*, particularly in Corsica. They were commissioned by Free Mobile and the Corsican local authorities to install a 30-metre high mobile radio tower by helicopter, to provide a 3G and 4G connection in a very isolated forest and mountain area (col de Bavella) at an altitude of 1,200 metres.

The tower was designed by the various stakeholders and their supplier to blend in with the landscape through the use of dark colours and stone cladding around the tower. The aim was not to spoil the site.

« We would like to thank our partners and all those involved in this project (subcontractors, transport companies), without whom this would not have been possible» says Nicolas Bellini, Head of Axione’s production operations in Corsica.

Residents, hikers, holidaymakers and professionals now have access to high-performance, multi-operator mobile communications. Access to the mobile network also means that rescue workers can be quickly notified of any problems. The area is therefore safe and hiking enthusiasts can feel reassured!

Did you know?

In July 2021, a temporary 24-metre tower was set up to connect the region during the summer period, which is often busy for tourism in this area. The work was initially to be carried out by helicopter. However, other options had to be considered for technical and organisational reasons. The tower was therefore carried up in pieces to the highest point and then assembled on site. The teams showed how adaptable they could be, offering an alternative technical solution that suited the specific features of the environment.

What is the New Deal project?

New Deal is a large-scale project developed and operated jointly by the government and the various national operators to cover unconnected areas, otherwise known as “white zones”, with 4G. Operators such as Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR and Free have therefore pledged to roll out network coverage in these areas within the next five years.

We would like to thank all those involved in the project for their efforts.

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