Immerse yourself in the world of our technicians through our #SafetyTutorial playlist, which presents various educational videos highlighting good practices to ensure safe interventions.

Between the field and the office, safety-related subjects vary and require specific and targeted prevention actions. In addition to the quarter-hour safety sessions held at the beginning of each day and the various workshops held on site throughout the year, the #TutoSecurity instructional videos provide an additional focus on specific technical interventions.

🚧 SafetyTutorial: Cable pulling

Thinking about your comfort today means preserving your health tomorrow.
Discover the video presenting the good postures to adopt when pulling cable in order to preserve your health on the building site.

🚧 #SafetyTutorial: The climb to the pylon

How to climb a pylon safely?
Discover in pictures the best practices to ensure a safe climb to the pylon.

🚧  #SafetyTutorial: Manual lifting on a cable car tower

How to carry out a manual lift safely?
Discover in pictures the different techniques when it is impossible to place a basket or a crane on the building site.


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Safety: a shared priority