At the end of 2017, Axione won a contract with the Cullettività di Corsica (the Corsican regional authorities) to carry out works to roll out fibre optic in Northern Corsica.

In addition to the FTTH public initiative network (PIN), the works will help to extend the fibre-optic backhaul network to areas with little to no infrastructure in place, so that they can enjoy better connectivity.

In order to successfully complete this project, Axione has set up in Lucciana and has hired new employees from across Corsica. Our teams are also using a number of subcontracting companies located there for the civil-engineering and fibre-optic works. These sections mean that, subsequently, the fibre optic will be able to feed through without causing any damage to Corsica’s beautiful protected natural landscapes.

Therefore, our expertise is being harnessed to manage the entire roll-out project and help to improve digital coverage in the region.

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