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After the success of its collaboration in the Trois Forêts and Bois aux Daims Parks, Center Parcs reconfirms its confidence in the Axione teams to install an eco-friendly fibre optic infrastructure in the future park, currently under construction in Lot-et-Garonne. Customers will be able to enjoy optimal comfort thanks to the multiple digital services (telephony, Wifi, television) at their disposal in all of the 400 cottages.

For 5 years, our company has contributed to the environmental approach begun by the Bois aux Daims Center Parcs Holiday Park, by installing an eco-friendly fibre optic infrastructure.

This experience highlights our expertise in terms of design and network maintenance, At the end of 2020, our colleagues won a new contract for the design and deployment of a 41 km-long fibre optic network covering the future Landes de Gascogne Center Parcs in Lot-et-Garonne. The infrastructure, currently under construction, will serve 400 cottages and will be put at the disposal of the public at large as of 2022. The Axione teams will secure the operation of the network for a period of 7 years from that date.

The confidence shown by Center Parcs demonstrates our ability to address the challenges of custom-made digital management, adapted to the demands of each one of our customers.


Sales Manager of the Commercial Department Axione

Credits: Cabinet Architecture Arotcharen

An effective and ecological solution for a greener Center Parcs

In order to ensure the availability of an effective, economical and ecological global solution, our experts resorted to the use of Passive Optical LAN technology. This solution has a great number of advantages as it is a high-security, multi-service network infrastructure, meeting the needs of the holidaymakers. Our Supervision Centre, installed at Pau, will secure the real-time maintenance of the network to intervene whenever required.

This technology is also beneficial from an environmental viewpoint as it envisages a 40% reduction in electricity consumption in the entire site the total surface of which is the equivalent of 85 hectares. The boxes installed in each park villa are highly energy efficient and free up 90% of the floor space taken up by conventional equipment.

A consortium of companies providing turnkey services…

This contract was signed as a consortium with the company Bouygues Energies & Services IT and Hoist Group to provide digital services that are complementary to the digital infrastructure deployed by Axione (telephony, Wifi, video-surveillance systems). This multi-service solution seeks to optimise the comfort and well-being of the residents in the park.

…To improve the comfort of the users in the entire park

The users will thus benefit from a Wifi connection in each cottage and will be able to use different supports (tablet, PC) and will have broadband access (1 Giga/Bit internet, expandable to 10 Gbit).
Customers will also have access to TV on demand (VOD).The telephony services will be installed in the whole park to facilitate communication between the employees but also between customers and the reception when required.

The company Bouygues Energies & Services IT provides video-surveillance cameras to control access to the site.

Congratulations to all the teams in the different companies for implementing this wonderful project!


POL is a passive point-to-multipoint fibre optic architecture used for smaller areas such as buildings or campuses.

A high-performance, economical, and environmentally friendly solution:
– Increased security: data encryption
– The facilities used provide significant digital coverage These are actually placed 20km apart
– The architecture can be adjusted to suit the project (connection of new campuses, speed increases, etc.)
-Allows for a 40% reduction in energy consumption
– Frees up 90% of floor space

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