The growth of Axione’s operations, and ensuing integration of new staff members, has brought about a pressing need for training in several roles and trades. 

It is with this need in mind that we created the Axione Academy; Our ambition is to offer internal training options adapted to the needs of our professions, and to bolster our already-established culture of passing on expertise while also supporting skills development for all Axione staff.

The foundations have now been laid for this business university. Two training courses are already being offered by Axione Academy: the Research and Negotiation course and the Fibre Optic Technician training scheme. Other courses are currently under development (notably for research managers), using a digital approach that incorporates online modules and virtual classes. New training options will be unveiled as time goes on, based on the emergence of new needs. 

These photographs were taken on 22 September in accordance with the health and safety measures in place at the time. 

Spotlight on the Research and Negotiation course

The two minds behind the initiative, Yannick Antoine and Gauthier Nanoux, set out to guide and support an increasingly professional approach of the role of Research and Negotiation Manager – a highly strategic job in terms of Axione’s mobile network activities. 

With no training option available on the market able to meet their needs, they elected to design an internal training module with input from trade experts. 

The Research and Negotiation course was launched in September, having been entirely developed and presented by Badiss Azzoug (Initial Deployment Operational Manager) and Stéphane Mouveaux (MOC DI North Manager). The two-day training course has been an opportunity for the trainers to enlighten Research and Negotiation managers on the deployment process for new radio sites, and the best practices to be observed in the role. The participants came from all over France, and benefitted from a stimulating and enriching training course built around case studies, role plays and legal advice. 

It was also an opportunity for participants to share their experience and meet their peers. 

Each trainee went home with a book detailing Axione’s existing knowledge on the topic, serving as an invaluable reference guide for Research and Negotiation Managers. 
Badiss and Stéphane, meanwhile, have completed their training as trainers, and are now certified to provide internal training at Axione Academy. 

A big thank you to all those whose hard work helped make this project a success!


A new kit to aid the integration of new employees