As part of the Innovation Days organised by Avenir84 with the support of the Department of Vaucluse and the French National Agency for the Cohesion of Territories (ANCT), Vaucluse Numérique participated in a round table held over three days, from 6 to 8 October.

The table comprised representatives of digital, public service and social work associations, alongside those from a number of French Tech businesses based in the Greater Provence region. The theme of the conference, which formed part of the local National Digital Communities (NEC) programme, was “Digital change and very high-speed broadband: what impact for territories, residents and activities?”.

Vaucluse Numérique took the opportunity to highlight its role as public service provider in the Department’s project, along with the impact of fibre-optic deployment on the territory and its development. Vaucluse Numérique contributes to bridging the digital divide by deploying fibre everywhere for everyone across the department’s public intervention area.

This access to very high-speed broadband enhances the competitiveness and attractiveness of the region while supporting different public and private economic stakeholders in their digital transformation.

In addition to its own role as a public service concession holder, Vaucluse Numérique is an important player in terms of regional solidarity: implementing local training courses linked to FTTH engineering roles, employing more than 250 people and providing at least 15,000 hours of professional work on the deployment project.

The round table gave Vaucluse Numérique the opportunity to explain that this very high-speed network would act as a springboard for the development of future uses and services. The availability of very high-speed broadband across the department makes the Vaucluse region a highly desirable location in an increasingly digital world.

About Vaucluse Numérique :

The Department of Vaucluse was keen to bolster the attractiveness and dynamism of the region through the establishment of a high- and very high-speed digital network. Responsibility for implementing the network was given to Vaucluse Numérique, the Department’s public service provider (DSP) in this area, which has already deployed 5,000 km of this fibre-optic infrastructure and made 70,000 FTTH (Fibre to the Home) connections.