Andy is 45 years old, Romain is 18 years old 

Andy and his son Romain. Feuchy’s building site

What are your respective jobs?

Andy: I am a cable-laying team leader on the roll-out section of the overhead network. I lead a team of engineers on the worksite.

Romain: I am a fibre optic engineer and a member of the team of engineers led by my dad.

How did you join Axione?

A: I joined Axione in June 2018 after a vocational retraining programme. I started out as a bar manager and decided to have a complete career change, focusing on the fibre broadband industry. My first job was for a company that made submarine cable networks. I then joined Axione as a telecom engineer.

R: I have been working for Axione for a year now. I quit my studies and retrained for the fibre optic industry. Thanks to a two-year work placement with Axione, I was able to join the team of engineers that my dad was leading. After the work placement, I should be able to land my first permanent contract!

How have you been able to evolve within your job?

A: I started out as a telecom engineer, then I became a cable laying team leader. Since June, I’ve been working on a new project to roll out and connect optic fibre for the IT and telecom network for the port of Calais. This is a very rewarding project, integrating a wide variety of tasks. I perform both cable routing and cable laying, but also conveyance and some management duties. This new job is a great opportunity. It has enabled me to evolve into a worksite advisor role.

You’re father & son in life and colleagues on the ground; how well does this work?

A: The atmosphere is very good within our team. It’s great working with my son. We form a dynamic duo every day!

R: Whether at work or elsewhere, my father and I get on really well. Actually, it’s not much different; he’s the boss at home too! (Laughing)

How do you set the world on fire?

A: When we install a fibre network in a town or a village, we change people’s lives. It helps to improve their services and consequently their daily lives!

R: The locals are very happy to see us installing fibre broadband and they let us know it. It’s very satisfying!